Doing Better

Today Eddy seems to be doing better! To be honest I think it’s mostly the pills but if it helps him get better I’m all for it. He spends a lot more time with us whereas even just a few days ago he was spending all his time in the box. We took Ed and Eddy on a short walk this afternoon, some sun showed up between rain showers, and sweet little Eddy’s tail was up the whole time.

Also we’ve got him down to 15 lbs, which is about where he needs to stay.


Difficult Morning

From the moment I let Eddy out of the box this morning I could tell he was in pain. He shuffled out back, did his business, and came back in slowly. He walked very slowly and whimpered a little. I gave the boys their food and Eddy his pills.

Eddy has been eating mostly wet food because he’s been struggling with the dry food because of his injury. This morning he was in so much pain, I gave him his meds before his food figuring that he’d eat right after. Unfortunately he refused to touch the food! We left him alone with his food for so long until finally his stomach started growling and my husband just had to feed him by hand.


Hate is not the first enemy of trust. Fear is.

A motivational quote I saw on Twitter. Let me explain why it resenates with me so much.

I see it a lot in Eddy right now because of his injury. When it first happened he was skittish around us but since he’s come to rely on us so much more for every little thing and he’s been cozying up to us even more.

Eddy has pretty much has always had a special relationship with my husband. He just trusts him and it shows. He was the one who picked the boys out, and I think somehow Eddy knows that. With me he’s always been a bit distant, like he knows I both feed and walk him so he’s respectful but cautious. I’ve been helping him out a lot lately though and it’s so sweet how he shows his appreciation.

Even Ed has gotten more gentle around him. He doesn’t jump over him or steal his treats or toys (at least not as much). As if since Eddy is hurt he isn’t as fiesty anymore, and Ed now trusts him not to steal his. Trust is a powerful thing.

Slipped Disk

After seeing the vet yesterday we’re about where we thought we’d be. Eddy is taking two meds now, one for pain and another for inflammation. He has enough to last him two weeks at which point we’ll probably just take him back in to get another eval. He most likely has a slipped disk which is very common for dachshunds.

He does fine as long as we keep him doped up. He’s so tiny I was worried about his liver and whatnot, but they took some of his blood to check his vitals and he’s a healthy boy. I hate seeing him suffer but hopefully he’ll be healed up enough in two weeks that he won’t need all the meds anymore.

Going to see the vet gets him all worked up too, he starts shaking even. We keep Ed and Eddy together of course because seperately they both have anxiety but then I have to keep hold of Ed because he gets very protective of his brother when the vet is around. Although our vet and the multiple technicians it takes to rangle our boys are always very sweet. Hopefully Eddy starts going back to his old self soon.

Here’s a picture of him in the tv room, he can’t jump up on the recliner anymore and we’re not able to pick him up easily without causing him pain so we maintain a bed on the ground. Sometimes we all just sit down there now to watch tv. My husband plans to build a ramp out back soon so he doesn’t need to struggle with the stairs.

Poor Broken Eddy

We have his second vet appointment this afternoon, about three weeks ago we took the boys in for shots and their annual. Eddy had sustained a jumping injury not long before that. He was a trooper but actually tried to bite the vet when the vet touched his point of injury. They put Eddy on Tramadol, which I know from my medical receptionist class means pertaining to trauma. He’s so small i only give him 1/4 of a pill about every 12 hours.

He seems to be doing a lot better when on the meds but he remains in a lot of pain without it. He can’t jump at all either and my husband and I do miss that. He’s a different dog now in many ways, still the smart ass of the family but much less energy.

We’re still working on getting his wait down too although dog parks are kind of out until Eddy is better. He doesn’t do well on walks either, someone always ends up carrying him home. Carrying is tricky too, he often cries.

I don’t know how much the vet will be able to do today honestly. We’ll probably just make an exray appointment, although honestly I don’t know how we’ll afford that, it’s $512 for the whole thing and then god knows how much whatever he needs after that. We’ll figure it out though, I hate seeing Eddy in so much agony.


They say, even if you’ve never had allergies move to Oregon and you will. Oh man has that been true for me. Eye drops have become my new bff, and after doing a little research of my own I found an allergy pill that doesn’t react with my meds and I’ve been taking that. My husband says he has no sympathy for me, he’s had allergies since he grew up on the east coast. Welcome to the club he tells me but dang, this is a club I’d always hoped to enjoy.

Of course there can be no doubt that I love my dogs, Ed and Eddy might be the best thing that ever happened to me. They brighten my day every day but oh my goodness they are covered in pollen all the time! Now that spring has sprung our back yard is filled with flowers. It’s beautiful back there, cleaning out the shed a few months ago I found a bag of seeds which got sprinkled across the lawn and now purple and yellow flowers have popped up everywhere!

Ed and Eddy both seem to be loving the spring, a lot more animals to chase and smells to role in (although since Eddy is still recovering from his injury he’s a lot slower about it).

Unfortunately for the alleretic humans, this means we have to deal with a lot more allergines around the house. More frequent doggy baths and laundry loads. I guess this is the price we pay for living in such a beautiful state!

The Older I Get

I’m approaching 28 in a few weeks. It seems old but not like exceptionally old. Like no big, just another birthday.

Pretty much all the girls I grew up with are mom’s, even the unmarried ones. Pretty much, not all, and ya know what? I’m happy for them. I still think it seems like an amazing journey but I’m really happy with my choice. It wouldn’t be a bad thing, if I got pregnant. I’d keep it or at least under most situations I would. Not because I’m anti-choice or any of that nonsense, in fact I strongly believe abortions save lives, but I just like to say yes to experiences.

Honestly though I would rather adopt. As I’ve written before, I’ve wanted to adopt since I saw Annie at age five. It’s just something I feel strongly about for so many reasons. I’ve had a couple of old friends go through a lot to get pregnant and although I’m happy if their happy I also can’t help but feel it’s a little sad. It’s so much time and money just for an ego boost and if I’m being honest, it’s kind of a slap in the face to those kids waiting and praying for a home.

Plus as I get older it just seems like something I’m not ready for. I do my stuff and I love my dogs, and it isn’t like I’m overly forfilled or anything but I don’t feel the need. I think of Jennifer Aniston’s quote about not wanting to have a kid until there is nothing I want more, and I’m not there yet.

I have grown so much since starting this blog and I’m truly greatful for that. Not many people enjoy high school and I can’t say that it was a great time for me. Not at all, high school in a wheelchair on hella meds, not great. I don’t regret it at all, it taught me a lot. And then college taught me a lot too, all six and a half years of it…but nothing taught me as much as my marriage and my dogs.

Another part of my aging has been learning to take care of myself. Don’t get me wrong, growing up disabled my day to day life consisted of me working on myself and figuring out how to cope. I practically lived at the Fitness 19, the owner Steel gave me a free membership as charity and I used it almost every day. Honestly though that was more of an escape thing than a working on myself thing. I wanted nothing more than to be normal, alas that was out of the question.

I tried to do everything just like everyone else and in the long run that probably hurt me but really who’s to say. Just as one example, once I was out of my wheelchair I was supposed to wear these leg braces called AFOs but I hated them. They were painful but mostly they looked super nerdy. Lately I’ve been watching this show, AP Bio, and the main character moved into his diseased mother’s house. He never has the heart, or if we’re being real the money, to replace her things so he just starts using them as his own. One of the things he uses a lot is her shower chair, and it’s so funny to me watching it because I HATED my shower chair. I pretty much refused to use it once I was able to stand, but looking back I don’t know why I was so stubborn.

I also never got regular old teeth braces to fix my overbite. The dentist recommended it when I was a teenager but I begged my parents not to make me. I just thought of it as another thing to make me stand out and I really didn’t want anything else like that.

Plus in addition to that I’ve always grinded my teeth. I never really knew it was a big problem until getting married and sleeping next to someone every night. Recently my husband had had enough and ordered me a mouth guard. I was skeptical at first but man have I grown to love the thing! It took some getting use to sleeping with a mouth full of rubber, it made my jaw kinda sore at first, but now it’s just comfortable. I sleep much sounder and it’s hilarious when the dogs see me with it. They get pretty confused and even more so when I attempt to talk to them with it in. It’s also had one very nice and completely unexpected side effect, my overbite has vanished!

I’m pretty happy about it now but it makes me wonder what other self improvement I missed out on due to embarrasment. I’m not done learning or growing yet, I have so much more to work on! And I intend to. This year I made the decision to set goals privately, work hard and not talk about it. So far so good. Hopefully it will continue to look up but all I can do is my best. And that best doesn’t depend on grades, or income, or the opinions of anyone (besides my dogs). It only depends on me doing my best to better society.