Hello World!

I love to write, writing has always been my favorite mode of expression. I write because I need to, I write to set my emotions free. I will write about whatever I may, all I need is a topic and so feel free to request subjects from me. I do want to be clear that this blog is not instructional. I do however write a lot about things that my dogs are teaching me, both as far as how to care for another living being and how to comprehend the meaning of life. Each post is a little different in nature and theme, although most of them do involve walks I take with my dogs. I do hope that you will read and enjoy my work. Any real/harsh feedback would be appreciated as it is all a learning and growing process but above all I do sincerely hope you enjoy it.

I’ve never written a blog before. For years actually I’ve been meaning to start one but the idea of putting myself so far out there was terrifying, in fact it still is but I decided I need to start somewhere. Back in April 2015 I graduated with a bachelors of science in philosophy and creative writing from Western Oregon University. My boyfriend of three years asked me to marry him, we moved into a nice apartment, and then in early May we brought home 2 rescued brother wire hair dachshunds. I have written some freelance stuff for various sources but am having a rough time finding a steady job straight out of the university. These dogs became my main focus. I have realized too that maybe my dogs are another place for me to put my energy, and so I am here trying to combine my two great loves. My animals and the written word.

Just in case anybody is interested this is the very first listing Luvable Dog Rescue put up for Ed and Eddy, originally called Denali and Zion…
“These two are very bonded to each other and spend their days doing everything together! We often catch them cuddled together with their necks wrapped around the other while laying out in the sunshine in the meadow. Denali and Zion need to be adopted together but they DO get along great with other dogs so they do not need to be the only dogs in the house! When Denali arrived at Luvable with his brother he had massive facial swelling and his one eye was barely open. We had a vet look at him and it was determined that he had some sort of blunt force trauma to his head at the shelter just before he was sent to come here. That did not dampen sweet Denali’s spirits! He kept up with everybody else and thankfully the swelling has gone down significantly. We can’t wait for these sweet brothers to find their forever home together! They will certainly bring a smile to their new family’s faces!!!”


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