Puppies First Swim


Today (Sunday) turned out a great day to head to the shore! My parent’s came by with their dog Zeke and all seven of us (4 humans and 3 dogs) had a lovely picnic by the Willamette river. It turned out to be such a nice day! What started out grey and humid turned sunny and warm. The sun came out and the clouds parted ways.

Upon bringing them home from Luvable Dog Rescue we never really knew if they could swim or not, from what we learned about how much they’ve consistently hated bath time we sort of assumed not. I guess finding out for sure though was on our to-do list but not really a priority.
Having lunch down by the river though seemed like a wonderful opportunity! The river seemed pretty low tide, some people had just rolled their pants up and waded on in, so we thought why not. Once we had finished our picnic lunch it was as good a time as any. We had picnic towels we could use to dry them anyway. Plus the dogs all seemed curious about the water. I really know near nothing about my dog’s three years of life before Eric and I brought them home, it’s totally possible they’d never seen a river or any other body of natural water before. They were picked up from a pound in northern California and it is thought that this was how Ed got kicked in the face by a dog catcher. They also must have then been surrendered by their previous owner because we know their birthday, March 24 2012. Pepe is among the most fearful dogs I have ever met so I don’t know his deal, he could be traumatized by having seen his brother get kicked or maybe he was severely beaten. It’s just one of those things I wish I could ask but since I can’t I just try and shower them with love and as much understanding as I can. They are hard dogs but they have just so much love to give.

The water definitely intrigued them and once they saw their adopted doggy uncle Zeke splashing in the water their curiosity got the better of them. Ed pulled me into the shallow water and while Pepe was more hesitant he did follow his brother. He progressed slower though. While Eric held Ed up by the harness and let him float he managed to figure out how to kick his little legs fast enough to propel himself forward and keep afloat. Try as he might though Pepe just could not master it. He just couldn’t kick fast enough to keep his little puppy face above water and I don’t think he much wanted to stay in the river anyway. It’s funny the number of ways in which such similar looking dogs can differ in personality. Or dogality as the case might be.

After an amount of time passed the dogs had had enough of the novelty of running water. They scrambled back towards the shore. We toweled them off but they still managed to get both me and the back seats very wet, they did however fall asleep almost immediately upon getting in the car. When we got home and inside we washed the nature off of them in the tub and then dried them off by wrapping them each in a towel. They were so tired out from the days events that they fell asleep again pretty much instantly, while I was content just to marveled at their innocents. It had been such a long morning of first and now Eric and I are prepared to tackle future outdoor trips with Ed and Pepe.


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