These Dogs are a Changin’


In the mornings, after our first walk of the day, after they consume their dog food and the sun is shining brightly in the summer sky, my dogs are eager to take in it’s energy. On this particular morning Eric stopped by the grocery store before coming home, we planned on making a pot pie for dinner and needed a few things. I think this was the first time Ed and Pepe had been in the kitchen eating their dog food when their daddy got home. Upon Eric walking in the door they became so excited that they jumped all over him and completely forgot about their food, this was also a first. Because they had been strays for a while it seems like they are usually eager to eat whatever and whenever food is available to them. Today though they left some for later.

After wrestling with Eric a bit on the kitchen floor they squidled over to their favorite spot, by the door to the porch where the sun shines through the window . My hypothesis here is that this is one way my little mutts regain their energy. Not quite photosynthesis but similar in virtue.
Pepe is more serious about his sun bathing than Ed, he can lay there for hours at a time just cooking himself while Ed needs to get up every once in a while and check things out. He always needs to know where I am for example. The two dogs are of course bonded very tightly but once Ed realized that I’m the one who walks and feeds him he became obsessed with me. He cries every time I leave his side, follows me everywhere I go and either watches me or chews on a toy. He even sleeps on the bed with his furry body in contact with me the entire night, while Pepe prefers to sleep in his dog box that remains in the bed room. Unless of course Eric remains with him though, Ed always wants to see me but still I’m told that even with Eric though quiet he remains uncomfortable until he sees me again.
Eric is the main chef at our house and there is of course nothing better than watching him cook. No matter how much Ed loves me he craves Eric’s cooking and whistling more. Any commands, actually, that the boys do know Eric taught them both while he has been cooking in the kitchen.
Pepe, on the other hand, while still aware that he needs both Eric and I feels totally comfortable, if he can’t see us all the time he is just fine. He only recently started barking for joy and showing his excitement although he has always been the wagglier of the two, sometimes unfortunately I do feel he waggles nervously though. His nervousness is how he got the nick name of Piss Wiggle that I mentioned in a previous post. When he gets nervous he often pees but then also wags his tail as if to divert the human’s attention away from his misdeed. That has actually dramatically improved in Pepe, when we first brought them home it was ridiculous. We were doing laundry every day, also every time he would get nervous and pee his brother would copy-cat pee. We went through two bottles of Febreeze in the first five week. We’ve had them nine weeks now and although everything isn’t perfect they have improved dramatically.

I think the real changing point for them was a few weeks ago when we drove the boys down for a night at my parent’s house in Eugene. When we first brought them to Eugene it was only the second time we had driven them in our Beetle, and the first time in our Beetle was when we had brought them to Independence from the Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene. I don’t know if they realized that when they were looking out the car window but they were definitely tense. They had gone on over nights before both separately and together and so far everyone else had returned them so I’m sure that was in their minds. As I have noted earlier they really are hard dogs, once they even chewed up Eric’s favorite wallet including a five dollar bill inside that they ate. Also before we brought them home we found a really beautiful solid wood coffee table and within their second week with us they had chewed one of the corners off. All the dog toys we get them are broken (they just play with mostly broken toys now) except their rope. The funny thing is too that we actually had to teach them to play with most of their toys. They came to us knowing no commands, except they had sort of learned “leave it” but they use it with a very selective memory. They don’t really chew things up anymore besides Eric and my socks. Eric and I quickly learned to hide all of our things up high where their little legs can’t reach them, sometimes Ed tried to jump to steal food or other objects he wants to chew on but because of his bad hips jumping is not his forte. He almost never gets what he’s jumping for.
It is sometimes very clear why nobody wanted them, it was especially in those early days. They fit in with the rest of us rejects though and we love them here!

Anyway, ever since our short trip to Eugene they know this place is home. They know they can trust us, and interestingly enough I think they recognize my mom, dad, 15 year-old brother, and their dog-uncle Zeke as family now too. It’s really adorable watching them play with Zeke who is a full on wire-hair terrier, since they are half wire-hair half dachshund. They all look related even! Zeke barks and bosses them around and both Ed and Pepe are submissive to him. When our two house holds meet up we all just look like a bunch of crazy dog people but that’s alright with us. They still have a lot more progress to make but Ed and Pepe are learning fast how to be proper dogs.


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