My Daily Morning Coffee

I love my morning cup of coffee. It gets me up every morning. I mean okay, literally the dogs wake me up every morning or maybe Eric wakes me up when he get home from work if I’m not up yet. What gets me out of bed though? It’s the coffee. Not even because I smell it because if I’m not up yet who would have made it but just the idea of it, of this rich hot liquid that will fill my mouth and then wake me up, and not just wake me up but make me productive.
I know that I’ll smell it while the coffee drip is on and I can’t wait for that and I know that I got some coffee mate last week and that’ll be great but I really do not function before I have coffee and so that’s what I love. Ok so this is going to dip ever so slightly into the topic of addiction, ever since I had my first Starbucks coffee at twelve years old I’ve known I could easily fall into the path of addiction. There was some history of addiction in my family and I had seen it elsewhere around me so the concept wasn’t new, I knew even then that some people didn’t have it and some people did. So I’ve always tried to be careful about my coffee consumption (and all other consumptions) as its not good for my anxiety besides the point, but I need that morning cup. It’s amazing to me that this addiction feels so tangible.
I read an article yesterday on my feed that was saying that science can now show that addiction isn’t all chemical and I thought, well ya. It’s amazing to me that ideas like this are finally going public. It’s about time we stop shaming people with this intense energy and start helping them. I think that making addiction tangible also makes it seem more capable of being controlled. I know exactly what I need to avoid, and it’s anything in excess.

Getting back to coffee specifically though, I love it and I love the whole process and here is why. I think as much as anything else I love the way it fits into my daily schedule. It gets me thinking positively and efficiently so that I can take on all my other chores. I get the dog’s first walk out of the way and feed them. Then I can sit down with my coffee and list what I need to get done. If I’m gonna workout, if I need to shop, take the dogs anywhere, talk to a friend. At this point I have no reason to stress and no need to focus on my running mind. I have worked it all out already and I’m ready to take on the world.


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