Alliances Shift


From the day we brought them home our dogs have played favorites with us, Eddy clearly favoring Eric while Ed developed a curiously strong attachment to me. Eddy is about the most submissive dog I have ever met, he rolls belly up to any guy that approaches him. Sometimes he also pees but this is improving. Our theory for why Eddy likes Eric so much is that Eric has always been more of a cat person and Eddy is kind of a catdog in spirit, so naturally it just works out. Ed on the other hand came to us being extremely dependent on his brother but as I am the one usually home with them, plus the one who feeds and walks them he quickly learned that in fact I can do more for him, and so his allegiance shifted. I honestly feel like it has been a relief to Eddy. Ed follows me everywhere I go, meaning that while Eddy now has more space Ed doesn’t let me out of his sight even for a second. If I close the bathroom door or any other door behind me he waits outside until I return to him. He use to cry and scratch on the door but he has calmed down on this. Now even when I don’t close bathroom door he lets me shower and dry off in peace.
Like I’ve stated previously their attachment to each other is always stronger than anything else; they stick together, wrestle all the time, spoon when they sleep, and I swear sometimes they totally even make out. This morning though when Eric left to go get a prescription, Ed cried by the door for like ten minutes while Eddy just sat lovingly at my feet. It was such a flip from the usual! It just goes to show that they are still adjusting, and also that they have been quick in learning who to trust. They do totally know which people like them. Most people do, most everyone upon entering the apartment just sits on the floor and plays with them. At least one fully grown man a day uses the puppy voice with them when we walk outside. The maintenance man for our apartment community laughs hysterically at them every time he sees them I think because of the first time they met. You see the story goes that he came to fix our door on our day 2 with them and they barked furiously. I could detect some concern on his face until he saw their size and was overcome by laughter! He’s been laughing ever since. Once in a while they meet a person who is not amused by there antics and they have become pretty good at just backing off.

Other dogs though, Ed and Eddy continue to struggle with. Not so much off leash at the dog park but on our daily walks when they try and approach bigger dogs it never goes well. I think part of it is that their double leash is intimidating and their tininess is confusing. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m pretty sure they often get confused for squirrels. And to be perfectly real with you I’m not even mad, it’s an honest mistake.
Most other small dogs I’ve encountered have been super jumpy and irritating. It could totally just be because I love them so damn much that I choose not to see this in them but I do also think it has something to do with their past living on the cold hard streets. I assume being loud and obnoxious wouldn’t have gotten them very far out there and since they obviously made it quite awhile (perhaps even the better part of three years) before they got picked up they must know how to go unnoticed. On the reverse though it was either the dog catcher or someone at the pound who kicked Ed in the head, so hard that it resulted in brain damage, so this tells me that Ed at least was probably a yapper at some point.

Another thing I’ve heard about small dogs is that they have a temperamental diet. I’ve heard that you need to slowly adjust them to new foods and be very careful of any table scraps they might eat. Again I would probably attribute it to their time on the streets but my dogs have very strong stomachs. We try and limit the table scraps they get because we don’t want them becoming fat little waddle wieners but they do get the better of us from time to time. When we first got them, the lady who handed them off to us recommended we get this spendy grain-free dog food. We did the first time and I’m sure the boys loved it but the store nearest us doesn’t sell fancy dog foods. We settled with just getting some Pumpkin-Beef Purina and I was left dreading the consequences. Luckily though there were none, both Ed and Eddy gobbled it right up. They’ve very recently started eating there one cup of dog food more slowly and in two different meal times, this shows much more restraint then they use to be capable of. They are also still using cat sized food and water bowls but this seems to be totally fine for them. Just the other day actually Ed decided he wanted to start eating grass, which I remember from my childhood dogs is not a good thing. I’m happy to report though that aside from bright green poop everything was just fine.
Every time me and/or Eric take them out we have to watch them or they’ll eat garbage and dead animals. On our very first walk we took with them in the fields behind our apartment we did not yet know we had to pay so much attention. Eddy managed to catch a great big field mouse and toss it to Ed who killed it, all the while I of course was screaming as if seeing a cut throat murder. Eric got the mouse away, gave it somewhat of a burial off trail, and then we went about our business. I’m once again glad to report that nobody got sick from it, just traumatized. Oh and a few weeks ago I’m pretty sure Ed ate a rock. Eric and I were both stunned and unsure what to do but that to all seemed to work out.

Even inside our home we have to watch them, as they’ve calmed down they’ve completely stopped chewing up our furniture and clothes, besides my shoes they can’t get enough of my shoes. From time to time they do get to rough with a toy and tug’o’war it to breaking point. It’s important that I clean this up immediately too because I have unfortunately come across toy parts in there poo. I really need to just get them some new toys but unfortunately the good toys are at the distant store with the grain-free food, the dog toys at our local store wouldn’t last even a second. For now though they seem more than content with their chewed and ripped up toys.

So in the end all I’m really saying is that both my dogs must be pretty daft. Yes, it is amazing that they’ve managed to live so long. It’s true that they are pretty scrappy but I think it mostly has to do with incredible luck and cuteness on their part.


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