A Bigger Body of Water

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Since initially introducing Ed and Eddy to the Willamette river we have not again tried to swim with them. Of course on most days we do walk near the river and even marvel at it’s wonders but they don’t seem overly eager to jump back on in and I am not overly eager to wash all those river smells off them again. And so we just admire it together. I am really thankful that I have Ed and Eddy to walk out to the river with me so often because for whatever reason nobody else ever seems especially interested. Maybe it’s because I grew up on the beach of southern California but being completely surrounded by land kind of freaks me out. I need open water, not even because I want to surf swim or boat but it just makes me feel connected to the world around me. I’ve never lived near a lake; California had the ocean, Idaho had the Snake river, and now Oregon has the Willamette but I’m not really sure that a lake would do it for me. Of course I’ve seen a lake or three in my life and they are as beautiful as anything else but they don’t seem as useful, they wouldn’t allow you to escape in a high speed chase or hide a body or anything. I suppose one might be able to fish but even that seems like a lesser experience than fishing in open water. So anyway I love love love living by the river, I am happy that my dogs get a kick out of it and I have really been looking forward to taking them to the beach!

Yesterday was finally that day. Lincoln City is only an hour away so that’s where we headed. Out of the house by 9am our first stop was Dutch Bros, it’s not only my favorite drive thru coffee establishment but they also give out complimentary dog cookies. Once we had our caffeine in hand we were off!
The drive there was exciting for the dogs. It was a different direction then when we drive to Eugene and I think they could tell. I sat in the back seat with them and they were jumping all around, looking out the windows. Eric was playing the summer CD our DJ friend made for us and the beat really had both Ed and Eddy confused.

Once in Lincoln City we stopped at the first beach access we found, there was a long staircase down to the beach between some big fancy houses and hotels. Eager to get down they both bolted down the steps. Once at the bottom though they found running in the sand a challenge and slowed down. As we got closer to the waves I was in heaven. The noise of the crashing the smell of the salt, plus the air was just perfect to breath in. I was holding Ed’s leash as usual and he ran to the water, both eager and curious. Eddy on the other hand wanted no part of it. He just sat down in the sand to stop Eric from getting any closer. Seeing his brother’s attitude Ed quickly retreated, we walked quite a bit more though and played in the sand. All the seaweed and whatnot on shore smelled very weird to Ed and Eddy but they had fun with their curiosity. It was wonderful and sunny, a nice and cool 65 degrees too so even though they were quickly getting tired they had energy to push on.
When it was time to had back to the car we were both so proud of Ed! After little encouragement he hurried on up all the very many steps. Eddy though was not willing to try. We didn’t bother encouraging his stubborn butt too much, Eric just scooped him into his arms and up we went. Back at the car we gave them each some water and then they were excited to get back in the car and see where our next adventure would lead. Unfortunately Eric’s car charger broke and not only was his phone low on battery but his GPS app wouldn’t work without being connected. So the next stop we found ourselves at was the Lincoln City outlet mall.
It was a beautiful mall with lots of grassy areas for the dogs to enjoy. They even offered poop-scoops to the public so we could keep the mess under control. It took a while to find an electronic store but once we did the store manager even insisted we bring Ed and Eddy inside! It was a lovely surprise, we spent a good amount of time at the outlet mall just because there were plenty of other dogs there and it was similar enough to a park for the dogs.11218994_10155832170195268_1957807580280429904_n

Again Ed and Eddy were happy to get back in the car and find out what was next. We all hoped in and drove to the main touristy street, found a parking spot and then started walking in search of an eatery with outdoor seating. Preferably a seafood restaurant of course. We walked and walked and walked and couldn’t find a single thing! Halfway through our walk we did however pass a Dutch Bros, we stopped to sit in the shade while we caught our breath and split an ice tea. The lady at the window was so sweet, she even topped the dog treats off with whipped cream this time! It was just the caloric boost we needed. We ended up just finishing the loop back to our car. This is when we realized we had been parked next to a cafe the whole time! There still was no outdoor seating so we decided to brave it. Eric moved the car to a completely shaded spot right next to the cafe windows so that we would be able to keep tabs on the car from inside, we also of course cracked the windows and ate quickly. As soon as the boys were inside though they just curled up and went to sleep, all of our walking had really tuckered them out!

It was no more than 45 minutes before we returned to our sleeping puppies, this time our next stop was home. Ed and Eddy slept all the way home and then continued to be low energy for the rest of the day. It was a very successful day trip and I was very excited to learn that they will be up to it in the future.


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