When Daddy Comes Home

When Eric came home this morning the dogs were even more excited than usual. You see Eric whistles all the time and in the mornings we can always hear him as soon as he gets out of his car, so of course the boys have come to associate whistling with Eric. In fact whenever anybody else whistles around them they generally become somewhat disappointed. Today though Ed and Eddy reached levels of excitement I have only seen the first time we left them home alone and returned later. They started crying and literally jumping for joy at the very first distant whistle. When Eric finally came in he had with him a brand new bag of Barley-Lamb Purina, which of course only increased their excitement level.
They seemed to notice the food was a different flavor then last time but they were completely fine with it. They also enjoyed some new Beneful dental dog treats which are suppose to freshen breath and take care of plaque. Although Ed is always quick to grab any treat and take it under the kitchen table to eat Eddy is always much more hesitant, he’ll lick the treat in your hand a few times and then if he decides he likes it he will take it in the opposite direction of his brother. I assume this is because Ed always finishes first and then tries to take some of Eddy’s remaining food, Eddy has gotten a lot better at protecting his food and toys though. All of the eating took place when we returned home from their first walk. Eric also came with us today so that Ed and Eddy each got individual leashes and Eric ran with them. My disabilities make it so that I cannot run so they love when they get to run with their dad! They love being on separate leashes too because I’m sure it makes them feel less restricted.
It is another sunny and blue sky here in Independence Or and it was early enough that the heat had not yet set in. It’s been in the high 90s for a while now so we’ve been taking our morning and evening walks either early enough or late enough to beet the heat. On occasion they do insist upon an afternoon interlude to relieve themselves but we make them very brief. It’s funny, I have noticed that on days where the weather is not choice Eddy does his stuff right next to Ed so we can turn right around and go back home but on days when the weather is nice he is very picky so that our walk will last longer, Ed however is always quick about it. Ed and Eddy have almost no indoor potty accidents at this point which I think is due mostly to the fact that they now recognize this apartment to be their home, and they don’t want to make it a mess. I would however like to hold onto the belief that my training also has something to do with it…

Once all the doggy business was taken care of we all sat on the couch together to watch some Netflix, Ed sat on mama’s lap today while Eddy snuggled with his human. I have heard before that dogs can’t actually see the TV properly but I swear to you that both Ed and Eddy do. At the very least they enjoy the bright colors, rapid motions, and fun sounds. Eddy waggles his tail like crazy whenever he hears or sees something familiar and Ed has the adorable habit of turning his head at a slight angle and sometimes he makes a low growl. From what I’ve seen I thing the thing where they rotate their heads is perhaps a dachshund trait. It cracks me up every time.
They do sit through entire episodes with us too! They try their best to get a bite of any treats we might be eating and while they do sneak some here and there, heck sometimes we do give in to a very small bit, overall their begging has gotten a lot better. When we first brought them home we had to always eat at the kitchen table or counter. When we had people over we would even stick them in the bathroom until everyone was done. Not anymore though, I think they figured out that if they want to be with us they need to be better behaved. Plus, when they make it through a whole meal without any begging we make sure to give them a reward.

We learned quickly that positive reinforcement was really the only route to go with our boys. Especially with Eddy, this is because he is just to small and scared. He has that peeing defense, like I have mentioned whenever he is either scared or excited he tends to pee and we can’t seem to get rid of this tick. Not completely anyway. Yelling or any type of aggressive punishment only increases his fear and makes him pee more, praise and pats work well though. He has learned that whenever he gets tired or just feels skittish he should just retreat to his box where he feels safe, this is wonderful because for whatever reason he has never peed in his box. So we just continue to reinforce that the box is a safe place. Ed is also exceptionally hard to train because he doesn’t remember much. As I’ve mentioned in past posts though using food or toys as incentive works well for him. Both Ed and Eddy continue to make progress everyday, they have come a long way in the two and a half months they’ve been with us but they still do have quite a bit of room to grow.


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