Bright Blue Water

Since yesterday had been such a doggy central morning I will admit that I got kind of deep into my writing, web surfing, chatting, and stuffing my face. I wasn’t paying attention to time and it slipped my mind that although Ed and Eddy had been outside all morning they would still need an afternoon walk. Just like cooking dinner or washing the laundry pet ownership is a never ending chore. The thing that is handy about my dogs though is that they do make sure and remind me. I’ve always been horrible with plants and I think it’s because they are easy to forget or even just postpone, but Ed and Eddy make sure I can’t forget.  I was actually sitting at my kitchen table typing when they both jumped up at my lap.
“Oh my, it’s 4:16!”
I strapped on their harnesses and took them downstairs. The sun was out bright finally but the humidity was way lower than the days before had been. My boys could feel it and they were not having any thing to do with the short circle around the grassy area in the parking lot walk that I had planned. They pulled me towards the river trail and I grumbled, why not.

No evidence pointed to them being at all tired as I had hoped, they hurried toward the tree covered path. I could see that they wanted this to last a while so I decided to just give in. I regretted not having brought my phone camera as soon as the water was within sight, it was breathtaking as the rays of sunlight bounced off the glistening blue water. I was wearing my slick pants though and they had no pockets so I had used that as an excuse not to have anything on me. I suppose it’s not the safest thing to do but I love walking places without my phone, I love being out of contact. It usually only happens in relatively short spurts but it makes me feel a bit more adventurous than I really am. More connected to a land and time before technology which I have never known.
As Ed and Eddy were busy squabbling over a bush to pee on I stood still to take it all in. The sound of a motor boat was loud in the distance but the brightness of the water cleared my mind.

As I felt the boys moved forward I blinked and came back to reality. They must have gotten a taste for adventure because they kept wanting to try new woodsy paths that we hadn’t explored yet. I was happy to grant them their wish as I too was full of curiosity to see all the plants and birds and even bugs living by the river. Oregon does of course have a lot of ducks, we saw a bunch earlier in Salem, when I lived in Eugene there were always tons at every park, and I can see or even hear them flying above us here in Independence but they don’t swim here much I guess. Maybe they just don’t have a secure home on this stretch of the Willamette.
As I thought this over our walk continued. This particular path leads very close to the water itself. Walking along it many people just chilling on floaties went past. Ed and Eddy would bark and jump around as it pleased them. All in all it was a very pleasant walk, we were out about an hour before we headed back home.
Once we got back they were pooped once again. They lapped up some with their delicate tongues and then enjoyed a doggy cookie each. Afterwards we all went to rest on the couch, they sat and cuddled me on the couch as I watched youtube videos of little furry critters. They seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did, turning their heads sideways in wonder.


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