A Different Direction


Those of you who have been following my blog have already read my speel about coffee and my daily schedule. Well today I over slept about an hour and that set the whole schedule off a bit, it made me realize how set to a certain schedule all our lives are. Humans and puppies alike.

When I first woke up this morning and realized it was 9:30am I was astonished. In the beginning Ed and Eddy never would have let this fly, they use to always make sure to come jump on me as soon as their eyes opened. If I tried just pushing them to the side back then they would just go poop or pee in the corner. Today there was absolutely no mess though! It just goes to show how much my fur babies have learned. Ed was snuggled up at my side when my eyes opened and Eddy was all curled up between Eric’s legs. Of course they were jumping all over me once I sat up, even then though they were considerably more well behaved than mornings in the not so distant past they were still eager to get outside.

After I was up and had put myself a together a tiny bit; teeth brushed, hair up, shoes and bra on; I let the dogs out of the bedroom with me and got them all harnessed up. This too has become a much more expedient processes, they don’t lift their front legs up for me or anything crazy like that but they have stopped jumping and I almost never need to chase them around the kitchen anymore.
Once we were all put together they hurried out the door and down the steps. We’ve been doing this morning walk thing long enough that they have the routine down. Being later than usual though meant that a different set of dogs were making rounds than usual, and a dog whom they had had a not so pleasant run in with a few weeks ago was in their morning spot. I was relieved that they recognized this and didn’t make me pull them in a different direction. Instead they just walked the other way on there own.
Doing their business in an unusual spot was quite a different matter though. They sniffed and piddled but it must have all just felt too wrong to them. I wasn’t up to my full dog walking potential either, probably the biggest reason that the morning walk is ordinarily so short is because I haven’t yet had my morning coffee and so my brain is not yet fully capable of thoughts. I’m still pretty much running on auto-pilot at this point so I admit that the dogs are more or less deciding their own direction. We went in back of the three bedroom building, which although we have done before I still don’t feel completely comfortable with. You see, I am aware that all the tenants rent goes towards maintaining all of the lawns but I still feel like I’m invading the bottom floor people’s privacy going back there. After all none of them can see into my living area through my second floor porch window but I guess that’s just something that comes with living on the second or third floor.
Anyway though, Ed decided that his perfect spot today was right behind a porch area where one lady was trying to enjoy her morning cigarette. I just smiled, said good morning, scooped, and went about my walking. I figured she had no grounds for complaints, especially since Riverplace Apartment’s is suppose to be smoke free, but I still felt like we had probably interrupted her morning routine.

Since Eddy was still refusing to go we walked on, circling the entire three bedroom building and crossing over to the green belt where our morning walks typically start. My dogs still seemed out of sorts though, Eddy looked comfortable and familiar with the area but he still did quite a bit more sniffing than usual before settling upon and circling in his usual spot. Once it was all out and disposed of they seemed even more willing than on usual mornings to get back home. They were still and patient as I scooped them up and carried them up the single flight of stairs, I can definitely notice too that I have gotten a bit stronger since the first time I had to carry them both up. It use to be such a hassle and now it’s almost nothing.
Once we where up and inside they were somewhat easy going as I got their food and water ready for them. As I have said before, they no longer eat every meal as though it may be their last. They have become trusting enough to leave it out and pick at it throughout the day. This new habit of theirs is on it’s own a change from the original schedule we had. I suppose becoming relaxed with an unscheduled day is part of their growing more familiar with their new home. Right now Ed is sitting on my lap as I type and Eddy is curled up comfortably under the table.


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