A Gorgeous Day to be Alive


Yesterday was a lovely day, sunny and dry but not too hot. High 70s and low 80s so Eric and I decided to do something we rarely do, go to the neighborhood pool. In fact we had only gone three times previous to this since moving in towards the end of April and they had all been night time Jacuzzi dips. This time we went in full open sky sunshine; suited up and rubbed some lotion on.

One thing I’ve noticed about most women at the pool is that they do not get their hair wet. Anyone around my age or older lies in the sun and tans, sometimes their busy with their phones or sometimes while they chit-chat with each other but they do not get wet. At least not above the knees. It’s a concept I understand well with my thick curls. Washing big hair takes a good amount of time, shampoo, and water so it’s really just a giant pain in the butt.

When I lived in Eugene a friend of mine had a pool at her apartment and we’d go all the time. It was a lot of fun, she would always lay out while I preferred to splash around. Especially on nice warm days like it was.
When we got to the pool there were three ladies tanning and I was a bit self conscious but I couldn’t resist! I jumped on in and stood under the fountain that some one had left on, it felt great as the cool water made it’s way down the hot skin on my back and shoulders. Eric and I either swam or floated around for about half an hour enjoying the whole big pool to ourselves before three high school girls arrived. They sat down on the couches in the shaded area and all pulled out there cell phones, we continued to float around for a few minutes until the fountain timer clicked off. It was then that the high schoolers put their phones down and slowly and squeamishly got in. Without the white noise of the fountains we could listen in on all the high school gossip, which admittedly was pretty funny at first but got old pretty fast. At that point we had been away from the dogs for a while. Eric gave me a look and I knew it was time to retreat; we got out, dried off and enjoyed the sun a bit before walking home. During the short walk we mostly just laughed about the silly youngans but we also came to realize that we hadn’t eaten at all really besides coffee and a granola bar in the morning. I had boiled half a dozen eggs for making deviled eggs before we’d come out, this is a habit that I have started because we always have trouble eating a full dozen by the expiration date so when it gets close I just boil whatever we haven’t yet used. During the walk we decided that instead of going out for a date this Friday that it would be equally as fun to just make our own meal and watch a movie at home.

When we got inside we hung our suits up to dry before releasing Ed and Eddy from their bathroom prison. I was expecting a mess per the usual, we always put away the toilet paper and towels before we leave them but there is still a bowl of water that they love to dump over plus quite a bit of other mischief they can manage. Plus if it’s too nasty of course Eric helps me bath them too which always takes a while. As remarkable as it may sound though this was the second time, and in a row no less, that the boys didn’t make a horrible mes for me to clean! It may not sound like much to be excited for but let me assure you, it made my already good day great! I whipped together some pasta salad while Eric grilled some chicken-dogs, and along with the deviled eggs it was a great way to end our Friday afternoon.
Both Ed and Eddy were of course with us in the kitchen the entire time, Eddy under the table chewing on a toy while Ed was right at our feet looking up and ready if anything was dropped. The boys love when I cook because with my shaky hands it’s pretty much a guaranty that I’ll drop something at some point. Even Ed has gotten a lot better though with his begging, he’ll mostly just sit at the cooks feet and only rarely does he try and jump up to meet the cooks hands anymore. We’ve gotten pretty good at saying no and being stern about it.
When the meal was ready of course they came and sat under the table with us. They have learned that I am no fun while Eric is very likely to split small chunks between them if their good, so they usually lay down over by his feet for the length of the meal. And then once it’s done he usually sits down on the floor with them and wrestles. And so that’s how our little family of four sat together to enjoy our meal together on the beautiful Friday afternoon summer sun.


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