Ridiculous Dachshunds (video link included)

I will come clean, I knew absolutely nothing about dachshunds before the day we arrived at Luvable and fell in love with our boys. I mean I had seen the animated movie ‘Hallowieners’ but that is where my knowledge ended. I actually didn’t know that wiener dogs were called ‘dachshunds’ until we met with Luvable and then when they gave us the paperwork I still had no idea how to pronounce it. I was clueless.

When we went to Eugene initially our first stop was Greenhill Animal Shelter and were pretty set on taking home a mid sized hound dog named Peanut, but because Greenhill was having trouble getting an okay from Riverplace we waited probably an hour and they still wouldn’t release him. You see the animal shelters here always want to get a confirmation that their animals are going to a safe forever home before they release them so we wouldn’t hypothetically get home, find out the dog wasn’t approved, and just abandon him. We decided to go to PetSmart and get some things during the wait and that’s when we saw our wire hair wieners and immediately fell head over heals in love.
Of course I called Greenhill and took the hound off hold, another family was interested anyway so I figured I should do that asap. I did and then we got on the job of taking our boys, who at this point where still Denali and Zion, home. Luvable already had the okay from Riverplace and also a previous roommate of mine who has two German Shorthair Pointers, Duke and Vanna, had givin me a killer reference.

Now that I’ve had two wieners in my life for two and a half months I’ve learned a lot about the breed and just dog rearing in general. Today this link (https://www.sausagedogcentral.com.au/5-dachshund-things-owners-will-understand/) has been my inspiration. The title ‘5 dachshund things owner will understand’ drew me in and it is totally true. I can easily relate to each and every one.

First- They follow you everywhere.
Oh my goodness yes! Everywhere, Ed does this more consistently with me than does Eddy but really everywhere. He prefers to be literally touching either me or his brother in order to sleep. They are both sitting on my feet right now cuddling, just as an example. They love to follow me into the bathroom and I’ve already remarked on their kitchen behavior. They sit by me when I’m on the couch and every time I get up Ed follows, even if I just go to hit the lights. Eddy tries harder to save his energy, he just keeps an eye on me but if I leave his sight then he’ll get up too.

Second- They are aggressive, size doesn’t matter.
I’ve mentioned before that they’ve calmed down A LOT! It’s still true though, I think of it more as defensive than aggressive but they do definitely bark and jump if they feel threatened. Ed and Eddy are unusually submissive as far as dachshunds go, especially around men. They like to keep a low profile but they are not shy to bark at anything or anyone they haven’t sniffed before. They do also love to play bite bite, it’s very gentle and only really goes along with the wrestling they do with Eric. Eddy is too timid to really enjoy wrestling, but he loves watching Ed and Eric. Sometimes he even defends Eric. They bite bite with us and each other of course, but never with a stranger. I think they’ve learned not to at this point in their little doggy lives. I personally think it’s the cutest thing ever but I can see how it could potentially get them in trouble.

Third- When you walk them kids and adults both get excited.
I’ve mentioned this before too, big tough fully grown men will bend over and baby talk them almost every time we go out! Many people aren’t sure that they’re wieners until they ask just because of the wire hair but they do definitely attract a lot of love. Kids think their awesome too because of their size I assume. The majority of our friends that come over love to play with them too! All our neighbors plus the Riverplace management/maintenance people know them for sure from our walks since having two means that even our short walks usually turns into a whole ordeal. I love it though!
When it’s time to go upstairs and back home it use to embarrass me a bit. The whole leaning down and then carrying two dogs upstairs. I hear people laugh when they see it, even though I’m pretty sure they laugh for the most part because Ed and Eddy just look so damn silly. Either way though my boys make people smile, and that makes me smile.

Fourth- They love squeaky toys and they love to chew.
So much yes! They use to chew everything they could get! Our floor was constantly covered with fluff from toys they’d desecrate, Ed chewed the corner off our coffee table pretty much first thing upon moving in with us, they also destroyed Eric’s stingray wallet and severed the cord to charge my laptop, plus the corner of our comforter is totally thrashed. With the use of a spray bottle and time-outs we’ve mostly gotten them to knock it off by now. Like I’ve mentioned before though, our floor is covered with toys they’ve chewed apart and their favorite game is bite bite. Breaking toys is better than breaking valuables but even so we’ve now sworn off stuffed toys because as much as they love tearing them apart, I got sick of cleaning the mess and checking their mouths for potential chokers pretty fast. Solid chew toys keep them busy now and out of trouble for the most part.

Fifth- Whether you adopt a long haired, short haired, wire haired, mini or standard they are the most loyal, loving dogs you can ever have!
This one is a little cheesy but so very true! I’ve had a dog in my family consistently throughout my entire life and pound pups are always super loyal and grateful but Ed and Eddy are without compare the most affectionate little things I’ve ever encountered. I love them so much! The maximum amount of dogs we can have at our place now is two but I’ve already decided I want to get a third, this time a standard. This wouldn’t be for a few years of course, once we can get our own house with a nice big yard. I’m probably crazy but I just love them so much! I figure the more the merrier! Right??

To see some playful puppy wrestling click the link below:


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