Sleeping Pups


I know there is somewhat of a debate between dog owners, should they sleep in bed with you or not? Some people would never allow it while others wouldn’t have it any other way. Personally I always at least start the night in my full size bed with the fiance and both pups. It’s quite full, hot, and I without a doubt get the smallest chunk of bed but I love it none the less. Eddy does usually wounder into his box at some point in the night and sometimes Ed will get too hot and sleep on the body pillow that we now just keep on the floor as a dog bed. If not then he sleeps under my legs on the bed though. I end up curled in the fetal position in Eric’s arms most nights to avoid kicking Ed. Ed actually has totally claimed the bed as his own, at any given time in the day, if he’s not following me around he can be found laying on his back all sprawled out on the bed. It’s hilarious! I am happy about it even if it does invade my space a little because I know that it means that he is feeling at home here.

I feel like having them in bed or even just free around the room makes waking up every morning way easier. For the first few days they were with us Ed and Eddy were in no way trust worthy.The chewing wasn’t too bad yet, not consistent anyway, but they would pee and sometimes even poo on everything to mark their territory. Eddy is also a big time nester so he would knock things over all the time trying to construct the perfect little dog nest. Also lets not forget them ripping up Eric’s wallet and eating a ten dollar bill. Of course not everything they would eat was valuable, trash is also a big favorite but it definitely does make a gross mess. Fortunately our main trash has always been covered. But anyway to keep them out of trouble early on we closed them in their box for the night. From the start Eddy liked it that way, it makes him feel safe, but Ed would look all pouty about it until he fell asleep and then bark like hell as soon as he woke up. He would wake up both Eddy and Eric and I, and probably some neighbors too, and then all our walks would have to be as early as 5am. Our morning walks now days range from 7-9am and it’s much less draining. They even know better than to bug Eric on the mornings he is home with us.

As it got better with them we became less and less strict about their box. Eddy still goes to it often and sometimes Ed will join him but for the most part they prefer our bed. They’re just so small and cute that we usually want to snuggle them anyway and so our bed became the obvious choice. Of course I do have to wash the bedding now quite a lot more often than I would otherwise now but it’s really not too bad. I usually just try and wash the sheets with some of the dirty close or whatever I can so as to not use as much water/electricity and it seems to work so far.

Getting back to the walking schedule though, it does make that way less of hassle. No irritating barking to wake us both up, no rattling of their box, no neighbors complaining plus Eric and I each get a puppy to snuggle each night.
When they do wake up they tend to just stair at me and wiggle/lick me until I notice. If I’m sleeping too heavy they’ll just walk on top of me to wake me, this is a rude wake up though so I try to just set my internal alarm clock along with theirs. I’ve got it down for the most part too, it’s pretty rare at this point that I’m not at least prepared to wake up by the time they start insisting on a walk. When I do initially sit up and slip on my shoes they jump all over the place. Sometimes they yip, and once I clear the bedroom doorway they run wildly all around the apartment! All this excitement is nothing though compared to when they see me grab their harnesses. We take of the collars off when they are inside because Eric read something about a dog hanging himself inside his doggy box with one on and it freaked us both out, so getting them ready for a walk involves multiple pieces. It’s easiest if I just sit down on the floor with them, this stops them from jumping at me. First I snap on their collars, then harness and Ed always insists upon going first. I know they say dogs are color blind but I swear Ed knows he’s red and Eddy knows he’s blue. Next I snap on their little connector gigget which is like a leash between the two of them, and then lastly I snap a real leash onto the center of the connector. Many days, I must admit, I leave them connected together for a few minutes before taking them out just because watching them try and chase me around while they are still connected is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The two of them have no concept of how the material connecting them will never be able to go through solid objects, like walls or posts. Outside too actually they sometimes get stuck around plants. Once we’re ready to go and I open the door they bolt out and down the stair, then they decide which way we should go. Right we go play on some farms, left we go to the river, and strait ahead we walk around the little green belt. Walk time is always an adventure.


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