Puppy Spa Day

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The boys woke up real early today, as if they knew something special was going to happen. They didn’t bark or jump but just cuddled up close to me until they were sure that I noticed them. We were out the door before 6:30am even and then it was not quite yet 7am when we got back inside.

At 9am they had an appointment at the Shaggy Dog kennel for an all over trim, wash, nail cut, and tooth brushing. It was $35 per dog for the entire package which seems to be a pretty good deal compared to other less luxurious places I looked into in the area. Plus I figured if everything went well there it would be a nice place we could leave them if we go somewhere for longer than like five hours, which has so far been the longest amount of time we’d gone anywhere without them. They would surely prefer it to getting shut in the bathroom and us humans would not have to worry about noise complaints from our downstairs neighbor. We also wouldn’t come home to a big poopy mess because while it is true that they have gotten tremendously better at being left home alone for short spans of time, we can only realistically expect so much of being left inside for hours on end.

I was still quite nervous dropping them off even after seeing how much space they’d get, I felt like a mother leaving her baby at daycare for the first time. What if the staff was mean to them? What if they didn’t get along with the other dogs? We told the lady that Ed and Eddy get really nervous when they’re separated and to please board them together but what if the person in back didn’t get the message?
Ed and Eddy seemed fine when we first left them though, perhaps even excited to meet the other dogs. I had chosen the Shaggy Dog over in the neighboring town of Dallas Or because it was on a large farm type area as apposed to a pound-like all in door facility. They had a big fenced area where all the dogs could run and play together, and it seemed like a nice and calming way to wait.

The whole procedure took about two hours so Eric and I decided to go get some breakfast. I recalled a cute little coffee bar across from the Polk County courthouse in Dallas proper from when I had had jury duty last year, so we went there for some coffee and muffins to wait out the time until Ed and Eddy would be finished. It is a beautiful sunny day here, already 88 degrees a good bit before noon. I love walking around the small farm towns too, maybe I over romanticize it because I grew up in the big mean city but it all just feels so lovely and quaint!

Anyway, after walking around and finding some much needed kitchen stuff at a local thrift shop we headed back for our boys. I was so excited to get them back. The drive back to the Shaggy Dog was a good bit longer than I remembered from before, I suppose though it is a good bit out of town plus I was rife with excitement!
When we first walked in the girl at the counter assured me that they had been good dogs. Because Eddy is such a wiggler he got a small nic on his paw but they put some Neosporin on it and he hadn’t been acting too upset. It was rather easy for Eric and I to pick out our babies sweet little high pitched barks from the other dogs as we waited for them to be brought out. I sat down on the floor with them to put their harnesses back on and they just ran and jumped around overcome by excitement! I had to chase them a bit to round them up and I could tell this amused Ed quite a bit. Once they had their leashes on they were ready to go and more than happy to run outside and jump in the car. They sat on my lap in the passenger’s seat as usual, butts on my lap. Ed’s front paws went on the dash while Eddy was busy looking out the passenger window.
We made a quick stop at the dog park down the street from our apartment too figuring that with their nice new short coats they would like to run around a bit. We only stayed a very short while though, long enough for them to do their business and they got tired out. It had been a long and stressful morning for them both, they were ready to be back home.


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