Crazy Dog Lady

Tonight I am writing from the bedroom, where Eddy has been crated. Let me tell you honestly I’m much happier spending my evening like this than any other way I could even really imagine. Eric has friends over to play cards every Thursday night and Eddy has a history of peeing on the guys if and when they lean down to pet him. Tonight was one of those nights so me and Eddy have decided to keep him company away from the crowd rather than subject ourselves to any of the guy talk. Maybe this makes me a crazy dog lady but if does, I say so be it.

One of my favorite things to do is watch Eddy push his blankets into a plushy nest, and then circling on top of it until he finds his most comfortable position. That is just what he did upon being condemned to the back room for his skittish behavior. It really is adorable watching him turn any space into his own. Especially now, after his grooming earlier today. He looks so feeble; no muscles showing in his core, skinny little legs that wabble as he walks, and his eyes appear too large for his face. You can really tell just by looking at him that he was the runt of the litter and it makes me want to protect him.
I also get the warm fuzzies when I take the boys outside for a walk as I did this evening. They get so excited to see the open grassy areas for them to be free. Like I’ve said before, most people find Ed and Eddy adorable and seeing their reaction makes me smile but I don’t want to over simplify the matter. Some people don’t like dogs at all and I’m not oblivious to this. On this evening walk we crossed paths with one of these people. He started asking me really weird questions as soon as we were close enough, like have I seen any problematic things with any of the dogs here or have I noticed any dog aggression. He seemed genuinely surprised when I said no and then continued to refer to my dogs as “little things.”
I truly cannot for the life of me understand people who don’t absolutely love animals, I mean I guess I understand harboring ill feelings if a dog bit you and that traumatized you, but people that don’t like dogs because they’re loud or dirty or mischievous…idk what part of life isn’t? I don’t understand their apprehension and I have no sympathy to it.
I think most people in our community have either dogs or cats or both, he was only the second that I could tell had a real distaste. The other I came across my first week with Ed and Eddy, we had walked past a particular building that we now avoid all together. A dog inside the building barked when we walked by and so Ed and Eddy barked back, you know like dogs are known to do. Later that day on our later walk a lady snidely came at me asking if MY dogs where the ones who woke everybody up. I calmly replied that I was sorry and that believe it or not sometimes dogs bark. I couldn’t help but wonder why a person that clearly has no patients for dogs would move into an extremely dog friendly apartment complex when almost any other building or complex they could have found in town would’ve had a no dog policy.

Despite the small annoyances though I just love spending time with Ed and Eddy, I love how easy it is to make them so happy. Dog’s express their joy in such a pure and overwhelming manner, sometimes I wish people could be as enthusiastic as dogs. It would make things so much more simple, we wouldn’t have time for emotional games because we’d be too busy celebrating our excitement for life. They just jump and wiggle and waggle and yelp for joy until they become too tired to move and it’s beyond refreshing. Especially when me and or Eric return to them after being away for an hour or so, it’s an astounding amount of love that I doubt can be found in many other situations.

Perhaps my absolute favorite things to do with them is just watch Eric sit down and wrestle with the fur boys. Sometimes I join in too but it’s not quite the same. I’ve mentioned before how he does this upon coming home from work, he also does it when he wakes back up or just at any point in the day when Ed and/or Eddy appear happy to see him. They wiggle and waggle and just love him so much, he’s something of a god to them. In exchange for the burst of life he brings them they give to him a heartfelt rush of joy. I know they drive him crazy a lot of the time, with their chewing and peeing and general mischief, but when I see him play with them I can’t for a minute believe he’s ever truly angry with them. It’s a special sort of relationship.

So call me a crazy dog lady if you will, roll your eyes because I’d rather play with my dogs then go out and engage in drama, I don’t mind because it’s true. I do write a blog about the love and peace of mind they grant me rather than my political opinions or an instructional how-to dog guide. I say if these things bring you the calm glow of satisfaction then go on and pursue them, but as for me…I’ll remain here enjoying my life, liberty, and dogs.


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