Piss Wiggle

As we close in on three months with Ed and Eddy they make more improvements every day. Eric and I are making improvements too as we learn how we can best care for them. As I’ve mentioned, when Eric has his guy night every Thursday I just sit in the back with them and we keep each other company. As you may have guessed though some nights we have coed friends over and so we both want to join in the fun. Eric likes to cook big fabulous meals, sometimes we go out to the Jacuzzi or basketball court (although we don’t own a ball), sometimes we make snack runs, and then when we get back we want to laze about slobbishly and watch a movie. It’s been a long work week and so Friday and Saturday night everyone just wants to veg out.
We’d be fine with the dogs running around all the while but unfortunately my boys are just not up to it. Eddy notoriously gets nervous and pees on everyone and everything. Ed on the other hand enjoys all the attention but he also enjoys food. He’ll jump up, despite his bad hip, and steel the food right from your hand and then later if it didn’t agree with him he’ll throw it all up on the light colored carpet. We need to rent one of those little carpet cleaner thingies soon because it’s beginning to look like a Picasso painting with all the brownish, greenish, and yellowish faded splatters we’ve got going on up here.
So everyone is happier in the long run if Ed and Eddy are sent to their box in our bedroom. We keep the door open and the lights off so that they feel calm and safe but so that they can also hear us nearby and not be worried. They’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with the idea that we will always come back for them, just as they have with the idea that this is their home too and that we will continue to give them plenty of food and water every day. I think that our leaving them with the groomer for a couple of hours the other day really drove the point home. Even Ed who follows me everywhere has now begun to let me go about the apartment, at least as long as I remain in his line of vision, without his constant pitter-patter behind me. Not to say that I don’t love to know he’s with me but I figure that if he’s secure enough to trust being alone for a bit it’s also better for his little doggy health.

So while last night did honestly produce tons of dirty laundry and small messes from my fur boys there was no yelling and a great deal less tension because of it. Tonight we are going to an event that our friend is DJing at out near the Portland area, we’ve spent a good amount of time pondering over the best thing to do with Ed and Eddy. Of course our first thought was to leave them at the nice kennel facility Shaggy Dog offers but when I called to inquire about it I learned that they are closed on Sundays. So while we would have until 5:30pm on Saturday to drop them off we would would not be able to pick them up the next morning, and they would be in a kennel all the while since nobody is there to watch them. I think an employee does stop by on Sundays from 4-4:30pm to let the dogs out for a bit and at that time too owners can come pick up their dogs, but this still seems not worth to me. If we’re just gonna leave Ed and Eddy all locked up they might as well be at home.
We’re gonna take them to the dog park before we leave tonight, so they can get all their wiggles out and they’ll be all nice and tired. Then we’ll leave them in the bathroom, that way if they make a mess it will be on hard floor and we’ll know where not to step. Also if they get all loud and barky it’s in the center of the apartment so our neighbors are less likely to complain. We’ve also started leaving a long youtube music video on my laptop when we leave and this seems settles them a bit, hearing activity that might be us outside is probably reassuring. It also dulls their barks should they make any. Plus this time too we are going to leave their box in the bathroom with it’s door open, which should give Eddy the ability to nest himself and feel safe while also blocking Ed from jumping on top of the toilet and potentially hurting himself.
Hopefully all our planning pays off and everything goes smoothly! I will definitely let you all know what we come home to in my post tomorrow.


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