Eight Hours Later

Leaving the dogs home alone the other night went so much better than I even imagined! So good in fact that we broke them each off a hunk of cheese stick as their reward.
They stayed good and quite from the moment we got home until we opened the bathroom door which was super suspicious but then I was amazed to find everything clean and unscratched/unchewed! The water hadn’t been spilled and they hadn’t gone to the bathroom and rolled in it, like previous experiences, which was so satisfying. The music event we had gone to feel DJ Sticky Soundwaves beets had ended up being an hour further than we’d expected so Ed and Eddy had been alone in the bathroom for quite a while longer than ever before. Of course they were remarkably excited when we released them. Eric and I sat on the ground together and played with them for a while.
It also seems that this experience has made them a lot calmer in general. I feel like they finally totally trust that we are forever going to take good care of them.

On this morning’s walk I found out that Ed and Eddy do not like small kids though. This was the second time since I’ve had them that we encountered a baby type human, and for the second time they barked mercilessly! I was upset with them at first because the three-year-old boy approached us thinking they were cute, but they started jumping around and barking. The kid held his ground though. He didn’t seem at all fazed by the barking thankfully but still I wish my boys had acted better. My own theory is that they are simply unfamiliar with little kids and it worries them to see such a small human. Like “WHY THE HECK IS THIS HUMAN SO MINI?!?!”
The child’s grandpa wasn’t upset at all either. In fact he smiled and we just parted ways. Then I carried them upstairs like usual and filled their food bowls once inside. Eric had to stay at work an extra hour this morning so we just went back in the bedroom to lay down.
As soon as we could hear Eric’s whistling outside the boys got excited! They do every morning, but this was something special. They made joyful barks, wagged their tales, and jumped all over! It was so sweet. I literally had to hold them back so that Eric could get in the door.

After he was inside I put some coffee on and we sat down for breakfast. Both Ed and Eddy were unusually calm for this too, with a very minimal amount of begging. Eric of course rewarded them with tiny bits of human food which made them very happy.
They followed him into the bedroom as Eric went to go catch up on sleep. Their tails wagged but they remained quite. Even a little bit later, as I unloaded the clean dishes from the wash and pilled in the new ones, they kept to themselves. I usually have to push them away and say “NO” a lot but I think their getting use to the fact that I don’t want their sweet little doggy help.
As I was putting things away I dropped and broke our only champagne flute, this did upset me and I lost my cool for a second. Ed and Eddy backed off though, they went to Eric as he called them and I was able to sweep up the mess before anyone ate glass.

Right now, as I sip my coffee, Ed is resting under the table and literally on my feet as he is one to do while Eddy is curled up with Eric in bed. It is amazing to me how quickly and well the fur boys have fallen in place with the daily routine. They use to be such a ridiculous handful but now their just an average member of our little family.


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