Summer Days by the Pool

The ridiculous 100 degree + heat has returned to the north west pocket of Oregon and so Eric and I decided to brave the Riverplace community pool. Once we got the fountains turned on the two of us just jumped in like a couple of dorks and we flopped, floated, torpedoed and splashed around each other for half an hour until the fountains timed off and we moved to the Jacuzzi. It was about then that the two girls decided to also get out and lay out. One of the girls had dunked under a few times but she mainly just stood and talked to her friend who was sitting on the side with her feet in. I tried not to listen in this time, really I did, but between me and Eric’s laughing and splashing I did catch a few things. They were talking about the heat and confusion of sweet summer romance, it took me back. After all Eric and I have only been together just over three years. It’s getting to be the longest relationship I’ve ever been in and I’m so glad for it! Truth is, of course I miss slutting around town with my girls, drinking malibu barbies and gossiping but now that that part of my life is over I wouldn’t go back even if I could.
I use to think that I never wanted to settle down, I use to think that getting down to routine would be the death of me. Now I see clearly though that having a routine is not what makes life boring, rather what makes life boring is having a routine that you are afraid to escape. This routine I have now though is so comfortable and right, and once it no longer is I know that Eric and I will be able to mix it up together the way we have before. I guess what I’m saying is that yes, I have found a routine to settle down with and also yes, routines do grow drab and boring but I know that as long as I have the faith in myself that I need to change every once in a while it will be okay. I know this because I’ve done it many times by now, because I’ve stopped listening to the cautionary tales of those who are outside of myself. For anyone out there reading this that is struggling and feeling trapped my advice is just take the leap. It might not go as planned and either way it will be hard but you will figure it out and it will make you stronger. It will add depth to your story and it will be worth it in the end.

Once in the Jacuzzi though, bubbles on of course, I couldn’t help getting so relaxed I forgot to ease-drop and think introspectively. The warm vibrating water massaged all the day’s stress right out of me until there was nothing for me to care about except peace. The sun was so beautiful above the trees. After a few minutes of this though we both felt that our insides had cooked enough and we decided to lay out in the hot sun until the water dried off of us. That’s the one good thing about this insane heat, it made our towels completely unnecessary. We wrapped them around ourselves for the walk back home and then once we reached our home pulled them off, and relaxed on the ground with our dogs as the light of the setting sun disappeared through the window.


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