Cat Comes to Visit

I want to first say that we got the boys some new dog treats that look to be a lot healthier than the usual dog treat. Newman’s Own organic and all natural peanut butter flavor and they are a smashing success. Eddy was initially a bit apprehensive about their scent but they both sat for them and in the end wanted more.


Later in the day though as both Ed and Eddy were doing whatever it is that they do unsupervised in the back room, Eric and I were making fruit smoothies in the kitchen. We heard some high pitched meowing outside and decided to give in to our curiosity and open the door. Outside we found a beautiful Toyger cat, a brown cat with tiger stripes. Not knowing what was up with the cat I checked to make sure that Ed and Eddy were securely in their own spot. I then told Eric to go on and let the cat in so we could check her tags or general health or whatever cats ought to be checked for. She walked around our kitchen/living area quite comfortably for a bit while we got her some milk to drink.

We gave her a few pats and although she was not unfriendly she was not overly eager to make friends. The first thing we did once we knew it was okay to get close to her was check her for tags. Unfortunately though she was not wearing a collar and we could not find any identification. My first instinct was that we should keep her! Both Eric and I were surprised I felt this way on account of me never being much of a cat person but she was just so beautiful that I couldn’t help myself. As you may recall from a previous post, when I was four to five years old me and my mom lived in Idaho, and during that time we had farm cats. I guess they were more of strays but in exchange for providing them with a warm shelter they kept rats away, I figured that I got along with those cats well enough so adopting an indoor cat couldn’t be that different.

Anyway though I recalled that our lease agreement only allows for two pets and we already have two dogs and a snake. Plus I suppose keeping a cat that is clearly a run-away in door cat is probably some sort of unethical. We also take Ed and Eddy’s collars off when they are inside and if they ever managed to get out I would be devastated if they weren’t returned to us. The cat’s owner probably feels the same. Plus on top of that both Ed and Eddy like to chase cats, and if they intend to treat the cats they chase anything like the field mouse we’d seen them tag team our first week with them here they also like to shake and kill them. The boys eventually gave out a few yips and clawed at the door during the nameless kitties second round about the couch anyway though. She quickly scattered out the door and up the stairs after hearing the threat. We figured that perhaps she belonged to someone upstairs, or we do know that one of the downstairs neighbors on our side has a cat so she could very well belong to them. So all in all keeping the Toyger cat wan’t a real option.

As it turns out, I did hear somebody outside find her and return her to her owner outside our window later on so I was thankful we had let her be. In the future though if she ever returns I will always be happy to give her attention. By the time she had found her true owner though my mind had already begun to wonder elsewhere.
To a day a few years from now, once Eric too has graduated from WOU so that we can move to a nice little house with a yard. We wont share walls with anybody then and it can be outside the city, similar I guess to where we are now but hopefully closer to Portland than Salem. Then we can have as many pets as we want! It will be a day when I truly can and will be a crazy animal lady.


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