Lost at the Riverside

Yesterday early afternoon was hot as usual but also extremely windy, so before going to Salem for a few hours I decided to take Ed and Eddy on a nice long walk by the river. Found yet another trail head I’d not gone down and thought I might as well try it. They all end up in more or less the same place right?
This one put us a good distance away from home still but all the same it was a nice walk. This was somewhat annoying as I was trying to meet Eric at home before he left again, since I myself don’t drive I like to ride around with Eric from time to time just to get away. I can only walk or bike so far on my own, plus we live far enough out that taking the bus regularly doesn’t really work anymore. Anyway though, I made some attempt at hurrying us back home but because we had ended up so far east it took quite a while and the boys got a nice long walk out of it. This always works well for when we need to leave them home for a bit while we run errands, they get so exhausted from it that they have no energy to jump and bark and upset the neighbors. So at least I had that in my favor, they were going to be even more tired than I had originally planned.

Ed and Eddy loved it to because their were plenty of bushes and various plants for a long periods, and since everything was new to them needless to say it was quite the adventure. I had to be a little extra careful with Eddy because he has managed to lick open the cut he got at the puppy spa, and I don’t want it to get infected. When we got back home I put more Neosporin on it. That’s what they said they had done at the puppy spa so I figured it was the right thing to do. It actually also makes it so Eddy wont lick it at all which is a plus, I guess because it tastes nasty.
I also have a slight problem that Ed actually nips at his feet a lot too, which is a symptom of the dog allergies I think he has. This makes sense because he does sneeze and snore, on top of the fact that we live near a big open field. Pollen and grass clippings are always floating around in the air. I know it makes allergenic people’s allergies act up so I would think that it works about the same for dogs. So unfortunately both my boys have foot problems and neither of them can be trusted unsupervised for long. I feel like I’m constantly harping at someone to leave their feet alone.

I know that of course Ed’s allergies also act up more when I take them on these longer and more off-road type of walks but I try to sort of balance it out. Neither Ed nor Eddy are extremely active because I think their short legs and wiener bodies make it difficult to run around or jump too much but I do still realize that living in an apartment must have it’s own frustrations for a dog.
The spot by the porch door has a full length window, I’ve already talked about how they like to cuddle up there early in the day when the sun comes through. It must warm them up and give them energy, it is super adorable. They are actually doing it right now.
For the greater part of the day, and in the evening too we always make sure to leave the blinds up at the bottom of the door at least. One or both of them can literally sit there hours at a time just gazing into the open field and farm lands. Eddy is more prone to this than Ed just because Ed is so busy following me around all day. Sometimes it makes me kind of sad because I wish I could just let them go run there. Although they did very well responding to my calls at that Minto-Brown park in Salem I’m still not sure I trust them. Since I can’t run and chase after them there would be nothing I could do if they ran too far, and since Ed has a brain injury he does sometimes just kinda zone out and run. Also one area is a private farm and the other has giant construction zone with trucks, plows, and rollers. Neither of them are completely dog friendly. Hopefully they finish the park soon and then hopefully they’ll be up to leash-less walks.

Either way though they do really seem to enjoy taking long controlled walks down by the river. Ed has shown some ability to swim but Eddy can’t get his legs to kick fast enough, thankfully though he is also somewhat afraid of the open water so it hasn’t really been an issue. I love my boys and it makes me happy to go on adventures with them, I get to see their ears up and their tails waggling.


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