Weekend With Puppies

This weekend we decided to take a small over-night trip with Ed and Eddy since this has come to be something they really enjoy. We were going to Eugene to watch my little brother play the part of Colin in the Secret Garden so we decided that we might as well take the dogs, stop for lunch at the Scandinavian festival in Junction City, and then head to our final destination.

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Our car was parked in a different spot than usual so right off the bat the dogs were completely disoriented. They sat on my lap in the passenger seat today but all the while Ed really wanted to gaze out the drivers side window. They moved around a lot the entire ride to Junction City, curious what they could see outside the car. and once we got their they were very excited to be somewhere new to them.
We arrived pretty early in the day so of course all the good parking was taken, we had to park pretty far out so that we had a bit of a walk to the festival. The dogs were glad for that though, plus remember this is a very small town so even the neighborhoods feel a lot like countryside. To small dogs especially; Ed and Eddy made a lot of human friends along the way. The fair itself was much more densely packed than we had anticipated, Eric and I ate some sweetish meatballs and walked around a bit before leaving. It was a pretty short trip plus one man did eventually tell us that dogs were not permitted. It didn’t bother us much because at that point it was so crowded anyway we decided to leave, plus I think the boys were getting over stimulated.
We made our way out of the festival and this itself took a while but once we were out it was an easy walk to the car. The first thing I noticed was a wonderful sounding chime. We kept walking for a little bit before I found a shop with beautiful handcrafted chimes in the window, not only were they exactly what I had been looking for but also the shop was pet friendly. Everyone in the store was nice and helpful as can be. It was as if it was meant to be!

Then once we had our chimes and dogs all packed up and ready to go in the car, we continued with our drive to Eugene. The dogs were asleep by the time the car got away from the parking area. I love watching the boys sleep on my lap and all squished up next to each other, it truly is angelic.

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It wasn’t long before we arrived at my parent’s house. We only stayed there to catch up and what not, fortunately as I’ve said before the dogs are crazy about my parents and my parent’s are equally as crazy about them. Plus my parent’s have a yard and dog (Zeke) of their own so Ed and Eddy were immediately in heaven. The dogs all played on there own until after a couple of hours it was time for the play. This summer they were performing The Secret Garden around town in various parks. It’s a fun atmosphere plus a great place for the dogs. This was performance three of eleven and everyone did a really great job. All the children in the audience were especially enthralled in the show. To no surprise though Ed and Eddy did not have have the same patience to sit through it all. Once they started getting loud and fidgety Eric and I walked them around a bit so they wouldn’t annoy others while staying just close enough that we could still enjoy the play.download

There were also a ton of ducks at this park flocking around and we didn’t want to get close enough for them to be riled up. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, a great day for an outdoor play, and a great day to spend with family. Walking the dogs too had been a great way to both reward them for suffering through long car ride and let them unleash their energy.

They also enjoyed sleeping at my parent’s house and bonding with Zeke. In the morning though, after we got to enjoy a nice big dog park, they acted pretty happy to get back in the car and head home. We made one stop at a friend’s house, he lives in a farm house a few miles out of Monmouth. I walked the dogs around the area a little and again they jumped around and seemed very pleased for all the space. Overall this ended up being a very exciting weekend for puppies.


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