Ed’s Story

I received a suggestion the other day that I should write a separate post about each of my dogs. Since I usually lump Ed and Eddy together I decided that this would be a fun idea. Ed and Eddy are such pals, they do everything and go everywhere together. It is a very unusual time when they are even in separate rooms and of course they always cuddle one another while sleeping. They even prefer to eat and drink out of the same bowl at the same time, even though I have provided them with their own. I figure, whatever floats there boat is fine by me.

They are extremely different creatures in spirit though. Put together I suppose they complete each other. I often joke that they are two dogs who want to be one. They are brothers, the two least desirable of their pack. Ed’s back legs are bowed so that he limps and waddles. He is also probably the worst at jumping I have ever encountered, I think this also has to do with his depth perception being off. He suffers from blunt force trauma to the head so he zones out fairly often but he is by far the more curious of the two. He doesn’t afraid of anything, even when he probably should. It takes him a long while to learn new things but once he does he is definitely the more anxious of the two to please us. In a way he reminds me of myself, or at least the part of myself I want to see. It’s because he has physical disabilities but however often he literally falls on his face he never lets it slow him down.

I am very proud of Ed though because last night he finally figured out how to play fetch, which is a game that previously went totally over both boys’ heads. The concept of chasing what I throw is clear but it wasn’t until last night that Ed realized he ought to return it to me. At the park the other day we saw a guy playing fetch with his dog and a Frisbee and I think watching them was helpful to Ed.
Ed snores in his sleep, especially after such an active day as this. Sometimes he moves his legs too as if chasing a field mouse.

While he is eager to please at the same time Ed is not afraid to be mischievous. He teases me all the time by looking me right in the eye as he does something naughty or continuously running just out of my reach when I try to put his leash on. He hates their box and confinement in general. All the same though I can almost always see the sneaky little dog smile on his lips. In the end all I have to do is rub his belly or scratch his ears and he’ll be by my side until the cows come home.


Ed is clearly my dog, he follows me everywhere.
When he wants or needs something he always comes to me about it.
He usually likes to sit on my feet while I’m typing on my laptop,
or just be sure and touch me with some part of his body whenever I’m in a resting position.
At night he always lays at my side,
until it is time to cuddle Eddy and sleep.
Even then though he is sure to keep an eye on me.
He’s my buddy.


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