Eddy’s Story

Eddy is by far the more complicated of the two brothers, every time I think I finally get him he’ll switch it up on me. My theory is that he watched Ed get kicked in the face and it his made him skittish. Not just skittish but also more alert, nothing gets past Eddy. It’s true he’s much less up in your business than his brother but he is always watching. For example, within the first week he figured out that our walks will last longer if he waits until he’s tired to do what we came to do. Very clever.

He is also clearly the runt of the litter, he’s tiny and frail and the slower of the two, and he is extremely self aware of this. He is also clearly Eric’s dog, he enjoys nothing more than jumping into his lap and gazing with both love and respect into Eric’s eyes. Eric, and my own father for whatever reason, are the only men Eddy trusts. I think since he can both trust Eric and recognize him as alpha it further pushes Eddy to admire him. He bows and wags his tale whenever he hears Eric’s voice coming his way. Also when we sleep at night Eddy likes to nest between Eric’s legs or even when he feel especially brave his arms. As you might have noticed from the picture above he is constantly looking to Eric for praise and/or approval. Eddy is always the first to hear Eric’s whistle too when he gets out of the car in the morning, even if he is slow to run to the door and meet him.

Eddy of course has earned the name piss wiggle for two reasons; first because every time he gets either very excited or very scared he pees himself, and second because his body is so small that every time he wags his tail (which is often) his entire body shakes. The peeing thing has gotten better, he still pees when male visitors come into his space sometime but he is now completely at ease with Eric.
Eddy has also started barking, which I see as meaning he feels more comfortable voicing his concerns to us. Still neither dog is particularly loud, unless god forbid they see another dog, just boisterous enough so that we know when their around and that they have needs.

The part of Eddy that I find most hilarious is that although he prefers Eric for snuggles and safe keeping he was real quick to figure out that I’m the one he needs to come to for food, water, or walks (generally speaking).
Through feeding the boys I have also come to notice that Eddy is a great deal more picky. He eats everything slowly, really chewing it up and tasting it. Before consuming any treats he will lick them to make sure he enjoys the taste. Also when it comes to bones or anything tough to chew he has the disturbing tendency of letting Ed chew it for him. It is really quite gross but also extraordinarily cute.


Eddy is super smart, and definitely the ring leader of all puppy activities and mischief. He even knows about himself that when he does something bad he is prone to pee, which in turn will make Eric more mad which will only make Eddy pee more. This was how it went in the old days anyway. To avoid this entirely whenever Eddy misbehaves now, even if we have no physical proof that it was him, he puts himself in his box. The box is his safe space and by putting himself in it he makes sure he won’t unintentionally cause more damage. Eric has also become much more gentle with Eddy. Both these developments have made our apartment a much calmer place to be.

Eddy is still extremely quite though, I didn’t even know what his bark sounded like until pretty recently. The more comfortable he becomes around us the more we can trust him. He acts as if he was beaten in at least one of his previous situations because he keeps it to himself when he is hurt or sick for fear of retribution, the more he sees that we aim to please him though the more he feels compelled to trust us in times of distress. It has been great now that he’s started barking and whimpering because while at times it can be annoying it also is wonderful knowing that he is willing to communicate with us.
All in all Eddy still has a ways to go but I am definitely proud of the tremendous progress he has made so far. He’s quick to learn and adapt, and together with Ed our dogs make a perfect fit here.


One thought on “Eddy’s Story

  1. Eddy is the baby of the family. He’s really coming along. It’s wonderful to hear about how he’s blossomed over the just 3 months time.


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