Enough with Responsibility Already

Just as I’m always bragging how my pound pups are adjusting really very smoothly, they go ahead and get rowdy and loud on me. In a post I made eleven days ago called Eight Hours Later I was so excited about Ed and Eddy’s progress of being left at home. Again, they do not get left alone all that often. They were, and still are, acting so much better behaved than ever before. Ed isn’t chewing and Eddy isn’t peeing. As I sit on the couch actually both boys are being nicely on my lap. They both have vastly improved with their begging and jumping too. We got those two upsetting noise complaints pretty early on but none recently.

Our DJ friend, Sticky Soundwaves, was doing his thing at a whiskey bar having an EDM night in Salem so we left the boys in the bathroom like usual and made our way down. It wasn’t going to be very long, two or three hours tops and this was late at night when we left them so we figured they’d probably just go right to sleep anyway. On nights we stay up late watching TV with them or something they usually fall asleep on there own so we assumed this would be just the same. We hoped anyway because our neighbors would be home trying to sleep and we want to keep up good relations with our neighbors. We figure that’s the responsible thing to do anyway, keep good relations with the neighbors.
That’s why I was disappointed that when we got home late, with some free hot food we scored at the gas station market because it was so late, and I could hear Ed yapping all the way at the bottom of our stairs. I was so frustrated but after we set everything down and they showed us such an ecstatic homecoming I couldn’t much scold them. Eric and I just sat on the kitchen floor with them until they settled down.

At old building in Monmouth noise so late at night wouldn’t be an issue since was a student and equally as scattered as us. True- we were all adults, we were paying our own bills, we were both working part-time then, and we already had our first pet Nagini. It all felt like plenty of responsibility, and I can only speak for myself here but I know I wasn’t a ‘grown-up’ living in that apartment. My four years at Monmouth was just an extension of the time I had already put in as a youth. I realize that I’m admitting that I wasn’t ‘grown-up’ until I’d lived out a quarter of a century but very few people are at age eighteen. It’s true that we are old enough to vote and die for our country, but that does not an adult make. I can feel that I’m a different person than I was at eighteen, I might have the same body and even the same set of values, but now I also carry a cloud of darkness that I call reality. It doesn’t cover me or even really burden me but I feel it following me.

Now that our apartment is a lot nicer (isn’t in constant need of repair), we’re further from the university, and we are free to have dogs it feels like I have many more responsibilities. Gotta keep things in good order and be presentable all day now. I feel like there’s enough space out here for my cloud to hang around without causing a storm though and that really helps. Both Eric and I still talk to our parent’s pretty often and all but it’s generally just to keep in touch and not because we need anything, when things do go to pieces we just scramble together to patch it all up. It’s a different phase of life for sure, and although I did at one time swear that I would never grown up, if this is it I’ll take it. I know that here, with the family me and Eric are making, I’ll be ready when my cloud sprinkles down some rain.


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