Small Dogs Bark…or so I’m told

Since day one people have been telling me, ‘Oh yeah, small dogs bark a lot…’
But the thing was not mine, Ed and Eddy have always been pretty good as far as quiet. They tended to always keep to them selves, not speaking unless spoken to. As I’ve said before though, they have been getting a little louder every day as it seems as they get more comfortable. Especially Eddy, who use to be completely silent. So I’ve chosen to see it as a good thing…they trust us now, they know that we aren’t going to return them to Luvible or the pound just because they bark. So they aren’t shy to share their needs, wants, and joys with us.
They also pull a lot! I think the leash makes them anxious at this point, and I’m fairly confident that Eddy would be better without a leash. Ed on the other hand I do not trust.

The majority of their barking happens for two reasons, first they want to play with another dog but they are on a leash or reason two, both Eric and I leave the apartment. The first reason is such a bummer. We can easily take them to the dog park but it is so sparsely populated. We could take them to another city’s dog park but that’s a whole to-do. Personally I just dream of a day when Eric and I can live in our own house, not a noisy or gossipy apartment. I want my boys to have a yard with the freedom to be as loud and dog-like as they want.
The second reason is of course fueled by fear and possibly anger, when we leave them home alone they do it or when they see something they find intimidating. The first though is just annoying barks of joy, they keep their tales wagging all the while. It is very high pitched unfortunately and so non-little dog people simply do not understand or have patience for it. While I’m probably just smiling and laughing about it they furrow their brows. It’s like I talked about yesterday, I just wanna keep the neighbors happy, and that means the more unnoticed me and my dogs are the better.

When Ed, Eddy, and I went out today I knew right of the bat it would be a short walk. I could hear a lawn mower so I knew the Riverplace gardener guy was out. Unfortunately my boys don’t quite have the sense to fear the growl of the mower so I just tried to keep us as far away as possible. They seemed to understand that this was to be a short walk too because they got everything done with pretty quickly.

It was when we turned to cross the parking lot and come back home when we crossed paths with an older lady and a shiatsu. It was a cute enough dog but being small it started yapping right away and so of course my little wire wieners started yapping right back. Fortunately, being that both me and the lady were little dog owners we understood each other. Leashes got tangled but we just calmly exchanged pleasantries as we fixed up the mess. A man from a neighboring apartment walked by and muttered something about a dog fight but the lady and I just exchanged knowing glances at each other as if to say ‘it’s all good.’ The man hurried by and none of the three dogs paid him and mind.
We were close enough to our stair well that I just scooped the boys up and off home we went. As soon as we were inside they ate the food and drank the water that had been left out for them. Once they had gobbled up a satisfying amount they both pounced upon their favorite stuffy, which at this point is just the shredded and empty carcass of a toy doll, and they carried on a fun and noisy game of tug-a-war with it.
Surprisingly enough Eddy won this round and now Ed is sitting at my side, next to the kitchen table as I scratch his ears. Just another day with my crazy-cute pups. They are quite the handful and I know it but their my little handfuls and I couldn’t be any happier about it.


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