Let’s Stop Comparing


We advise our loved ones against it, we chastize those who we catch doing it, and yet we’re all guilty. Guilty of judgment. Guilty of making judgments about others and guilty of fearing judgments from others.

It has been said that open minded people do not impose their beliefs on others, they just accept all of life’s perspectives and realities, doing their own thing in peace. This is completely true but it can be so easy to fool ourselves. Silent or even just quiet judgments are still judgments.

Too often when we live a life full of judgment and fear of judgment it spikes our anxiety. This is most likely because we lose the ability to trust the people around us. So my simple solution to this is to stop comparing our lives to others. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds unfortunately. Culture is set up with judgments and comparisons. We see it at work, with friends, in advertisements…there is no escaping it and yet if we want to make it to the other side of all these twisted mind games we must find our own escape. For me that escape, aside from my writing of course, is my dogs.

In fact before we brought Ed and Eddy home I had no idea what a sweet and loving escape they would make for me. They never judge anything (or at least rarely do) and when I am with them feeling the breaths coming in and out of their warm bellies, Ed’s confused eyes and Eddy’s inquisitive ears, I’m too content to waste my time on negative emotions. The only thing that matters is that I try and that I love them. They are super annoying and a huge pain in the butt, many a morning waking up to their chaos I contemplate why I got two of them. They bring me more joy though than I can even explain. In the end I believe that they are well worth the effort. The peace it brings me to care for them and the gratitude they show me combats any and all other stress that comes my way.


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