Small Town Eatin

As a girl who grew up in the mean city moving into small town life has been quite the adventure. It has really grown on me too, the quiet and the beauty. Having countless trails to walk down with my dogs is such wonder for me, whether it’s down by the river or just unpopulated land the air here is just so fresh. I’m sure that my being an introvert also helps a lot, if you’re an active person who wants to go out shopping and clubbing this is not the place for you but if you’re more into hiking, horse riding, or boating/swimming in open water than come on down.
One of my favorite things to do now that I live here is just walk around town and see what that has to offer. I’ve found lovely family book stores, boutiques, pubs, and some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted! I realize that part of living in a small town is not having all the loud and popular fast food chains, and at first this really bummed me out but then I discovered something great. The small and quiet eateries we do have get all their meat, veggies, and produce straight of the farm. In fact, we’re even close enough to the ocean that the seafood is predominantly fresh.

I don’t know how many of you out there have watched the television series Portlandia, they have this one sketch though about these people asking their waiter about where there food is coming from and he can answer every single little detail you can possibly imagine! That’s just how it is here too, you can totally do that if you’re inclined to.

We have a little Mexican market where you can buy unique groceries or just go have fresh tacos, burritos, or whatever else made right in front of you. We have a Burgerville with fresh and local everything, so you can stuff your face with burgers, fries, and shakes but not become an overly engorged ball of despair. There are quite a few humble little cafe/diner places too but my all time favorite is this hole in the wall family owned and operated Italian cuisine place called The Naughty Noodle. It’s tiny, hard to find, barely ever open, and the couple that owns and cooks for it use their children to wait tables. All of which is completely adorable in my humble opinion BUT if that doesn’t do it for you the food they offer is also the best Italian I’ve ever eaten.
Even the starter salad was impressive with fresh herbs and dressing. For there entries the selection wasn’t vast but again it was fresh and prepared right before it was served, the portions were also delved out just right. Next was desert which is different every day! Oh and the wine all comes from local wineries, we have about three in town.

Then of course it’s never hard to find fresh veggies, berries, and produce at a farmer’s market.

So all in all small town living has been great! To a self appointed foodie like me it’s heaven.


One thought on “Small Town Eatin

  1. Local food is one of the best parts of living in the Willamette Valley. In Independence, Or I enjoy The Pink House Cafe and the Three Legged Dog. Since moving to Oregon I almost never eat at a national chain.

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