Love is Hard


This is the inspiration for today’s post. It’s a topic I’ve written about twice and I hope I’m not boring my readers. I guess with engagement on my mind I tend to ask myself often, what is love?

Love is patience, love is blind. I truly believe that. One thing that I absolutely do not believe in is regret and so I try to live a life devoid of any, that being said though I do have one.
I’m pretty short with people, I give them more chances than I probably should but once someone REALLY hurts me, takes advantage of me as most cases may be, I’m done. I stop trying. I cut them out of my life completely. I may miss them from time to time but I don’t give them the benefit of knowing that.
I’ve dismissed a few friends this way, boyfriends and girl friends, and it’s pretty rare that I look back. I might miss what we had but I don’t let myself miss them.
Now that I’m preparing to spend the rest of my life with the best and truest friend I have ever had though I am also trying to reestablish some old friendships. I know it’s too late to have what we once did but some contact is better than none. I see through the lens of time what I’ve turned away, I see that we are stupid in our youth and that we all change. There’s still only one person I regret blocking from my life for the past four years, and I know I can never fully repair the damage I allowed pride and stubbornness to sew, but I can try. And as I try my regretful state fades away and I feel more whole.


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