Down in Cali without my pups

A good friend of mine from high school down in southern California is getting married tomorrow so me and my fiance decided to give our selves a summer vacation and show our support. Personally I am crazy about weddings, watching two people who love each other so much that they are willing to give up all they have/are just to be together is the most beautiful thing I can imagine. Plus wedding parties are awesome, so alive and full of hope! It’s the ultimate adventure.

I do miss my zoomie little dogs though, Eric and I both do. Life is so quiet without them. I was so sad to leave, although I am thankful that we could leave them with my parents (their doggy grandparents) and Zeke, even if dropping them off was rough. My mom dropped Eric and I off at the Greyhound station in Eugene with Ed and Eddy in the car and they went completely bananas when they learned that they couldn’t come with us. It broke my heart. I get daily reports though and it sounds like they are doing well. Loving the yard and the chance to play with Zeke like always. Apparently they do still look for us though and that breaks my heart. I can’t wait to get back to them! I’ll shower them with love and new toys, and hopefully they wont hold too much of a grudge.


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