Welcome Home

20150902_092846 Ed and Eddy first come home!!!






It’s good to be back home in Independence, Oregon. When Ed and Eddy woke me up at 7 am today for their morning walk it was good and rainy, a nice change from the dry and hot desert of southern California.

Our journey back here was long and tiresome, I regretfully got Eric and I Greyhound tickets as I figured that we weren’t going all that far (Eugene to Anaheim and back) and they were a great deal cheaper than plane or train tickets. For the most part I was correct, it wasn’t uncomfortable and even our 2 am stops in Fresno and Stockton weren’t too scary as long as we stayed in the station, but the company we had coming home was quite an experience.

It took twenty-two hours on the road and the bus was extremely full. The only seats we could find together were near the front, which we assumed was good since the front is more quiet and also doesn’t get bothered with bathroom traffic.
Across the isle was a chatty bearded man named Joseph. He had come from a commune that he lived at in Vista, California with the Yellow Deli and he was headed for Montana. His wife, who had left him, was in Montana and he was also hoping to find another Yellow Deli there too so that he could get re-baptized because, as he made sure to tell us all, he was in fact a sinner. I think that he was referring to his own smoking habit because as he would tell everybody within ear shot smoking is a bad condition thats easy to rid themselves of, he also was sure to get off for a cigarette at every stop we made.
Also much to my dismay, he let me know that it was my duty as a wife to follow my husband and that he could tell I was doing a good job.
He explained his small amount of luggage to us (all he had was a mostly empty backpack) all by explaining that in order to join the Yellow Deli one had to first surrender all of their belongings and property to the leader (whose name escapes me) who would in return tell them exactly what you need to do with your life. He explained to us that it made life so much easier, no need to think. Just do as your told. He would repeat this over and over, sometimes even breaking into tears.
Curiously enough he also had a great deal of racist things to say about Jews and black people (whom he referred to by the N-word until a few of the passengers really let him have it). He also was not shy about telling us how great it was to be stuck together on the bus, because then we couldn’t get away from his pontificating. I’m not even paraphrasing, this is what he said.
So to say the least Joseph was quite a character. After a few hours we all managed just to tune him out, plus each of the three different drivers we went through let him know that if he didn’t calm down they would kick him off. It turned out that he was a frequent Greyhound traveler and so some of the people seemed to already know him.

We didn’t part ways with him until our final destination of Eugene, Oregon.
Once there we got a ride back to my parent’s house where we reunited with our fur babies, and what a reunion it was! They barked and waggled and jumped all about! Despite them having a great vacation of there own; a big yard with anytime access, Zeke (my parent’s dog) to play with, and a far superior dog park to our own the boys were overjoyed to come back home with us and we were overjoyed to be back with them!
They were unusually well-behaved on the car ride home, not to mention excited to be back to a familliar environment.
On this mornings walk around the apartment complex they had a good long time getting reaquainted with their surroundings in the light summer drizzle. As much as I love my birth place of sunny California it’s good to be home.


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