Our Regular Morning Walk

Eddy finally has himself a good fitting harness! Last night we had some friends over for a BBQ to celebrate our short absence, when Eric went to the store for hot-dogs and potato salad he also picked up a small blue padded harness for Eddy. As I’ve written before Eddy is a runt and it was hard to find a fitting harness the first time, the one we had was an tight fit and it matched Ed’s but I often feared that the course material was a bit uncomfortable for him. This new one is very padded, from the brand Gooby, so even though it’s still a bit tight Eddy does seem much more comfortable with it.

I put the Gooby on Eddy this morning before taking him and his brother on their morning walk. It was a little tricky as it snaps on differently than the old one and it took some time for us both to figure it out. Once on and out the door, Eddy seemed more active and less restricted than usual. It is still quite early in the season, and not yet even officially autumn but none the less the morning felt much cooler than the previous ones. Me and the boys took a nice long walk back to the river, trying out two of the separate trails that we have become familiar with. The trails themselves were completely hidden by the fallen leaves and the calm water was glistening ever so slightly. Both Ed and Eddy were very curious about all the sounds of nature coming from high up in the trees. It was peaceful though, and the morning air was invigorating.

We had two big dog run-ins. The first big dog was off leash running alongside his master on their morning jog and that one didn’t go so hot. My overly confident little wieners started barking and I was forced to scoop them up and carry on, for whatever reason the more confident Eddy gets around us the more aggressive he seems to be around strange dogs. It is absolutely wonderful that he feels safe, don’t get me wrong. No more cowering or fear peeing, but I do wish he realized that just because he need not fear everything it does not mean that he is invincible. The second big dog was big, white and fluffy and also on a leash. They all seemed to get along well enough until leashes got tangled up. Me and the other human got the leashes untangled, exchanged some pleasantries, and then went about our business.

After about an hour enjoying the dull sunshine we arrived back at our stair case. The boys sat upright for me, putting their front paws up and readying their spoiled selves to be carried home. Now that we’re back home and back to our regular schedule the boys seem as settled in as can be. They trust that this is their home and that it isn’t going to dessert them.


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