A Morrocan Experience


Last night to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend, a group of us went out to a Moroccan restaurant in Portland which is open from 5 to 10 pm daily. It was a wonderful experience! The place is called Marrakesh and the idea is to go with a group of people because certain dishes are only served to a group of eight or more, and then the staff brings out a four course meal throughout your time there. Also, in the spirit of Moroccan culture, the food is traditionally served with no utensils. It was a trip for us all when the food first came out but we soon got over it and dug right in.
Desert was a sweet and crisp fruit salad served with tea and the waiter poured it from a height making it all quite theatrical, after courses of dishes heavily influenced by eggplant and lamb. Of course there are also chicken and vegetarian options to choose from of course that I’m sure are just as good. There was also a steady beat playing the whole time and a wildly skillful belly dancer groovin about the whole time. On top of the whole authentic Mediterranean atmosphere the food itself was exquisite, every bite was succulent and flavorful with spices we don’t regularly taste here.
It was an awesome experience that I would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys eclectic food and a taste of exotic cultural experiences.

Additionally we came home to two well-behaved and relatively quiet dogs who were awaiting their evening walk. A lovely end to a lovely night.


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