Month Four Pupdate

As we close in on four months with Ed and Eddy here at Riverplace I can recognize that a lot has changed. They have bonded to both of us and to their new home greatly by now and so have we. We’ve got the daily schedule down to the point that even when it gets thrown off slightly; it’s okay.
We don’t need to keep nearly as close an eye on the fur boys because we can trust them not to chew or go to the bathroom all over everything. The boys actually haven’t had an indoor potty accident in at least a month. I do not regularly barricade them in our bedroom with us each night anymore because of this great phenomenon, although they do usually stay with us and cuddle anyway. Ed still likes to sleep on my side on the bed while Eddy has grown to prefer the body pillow on the floor. There is often a few items of my dirty clothes that he likes to nest with. We can also leave the boys home alone without coming back to a mess and noise complaints at this point, which is great. They don’t beg for or steal our food as much anymore because they are confident in their next meal.

Ed has always been pretty rambunctious although now that Eddy is no longer too afraid play along with him there is almost always a pitter-patter of little feet nearby. The biggest improvement in the last few days is due to Eric getting Eddy his new harness. The old one must have been quite uncomfortable as now he is able to run, jump, and even pull alongside Ed on our daily walks in a style that I never even knew he wanted to. It has been great to see both their improvement in the short time they’ve been with us.
Eric has also grown a lot more attached to them. He often comes home from work with treats or toys and he also spends a good deal of time on the floor playing with them, I love to see it. The four of us our becoming our own little happy family!


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