Fifty-three Degrees and Sunny

This morning when Ed and Eddy woke me up I saw some sun poking in from outside, so I knew they must want to go. I scrambled up in a sleepy haze, got my shoes on, tied on their harnesses and out we bolted. They didn’t pull too much down the stairs, which is good, but as soon as we were down they knew which direction they wanted to go. Down to the river of course and I can’t blame them on such a beautiful day!

So off we went, taking a few detours on our way as the construction crews were back out and I very much doubt they enjoyed my dogs’ loud barking. I doubt my sleeping neighbors did either for that matter.
Once we made our way to the big open field we came across Lance, the off leash spaniel with his master, a nice older lady I have spoken to on many other walks. Lance is always off leash which use to be an issue for my boys but lately they have been better at remaining calm around other dogs. Kids unfortunately not so much, but I’m working on them.
Anyway though we had ourselves a very civil interaction before continuing on our way through the rest of the field and onto a little man-made path through the trees and up to the shore. I made sure not to get too close to the river itself because while Ed would very much love to jump in, Eddy is rather terrified of water. It’s too hard for me alone to keep an eye on two dogs with very different ideas of a good time so I just avoided the temptation all together. It was a cool morning anyhow so walking home sopping wet did not sound like much of a thrill.

We continued along the narrow trail that is getting more and more covered by orange leaves everyday as October nears, until it let us out on the freshly laid road. The road isn’t used much, mostly just by pick-up trucks dragging their small boats behind them. The sidewalk alongside it finally got finished a few weeks ago making it much easier to walk back home than it had been originally. The bigger dogs in the neighborhood never had any trouble, and in the beginning I would take Ed and Eddy out into the nature a lot so they could socialize. It was a great workout for me but it got to be a bit much for their little legs. This is about when Riverplace started putting more grass and walking areas throughout the neighborhood, so Ed and Eddy have been able to get plenty of exercise without much off-roading. It’s wonderful, Riverplace is coming along quite nicely, but now that walking through the trees and down to the river has become more accessible I see a lot more adventures coming our way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that we can now take sizable walks without really leaving but being so close to other families windows creeps me out. Sometimes as my dogs stop to poop outside kitchen windows during dinner I can hear and smell everything, which means they can too…thus being able to walk far from the neighborhood is good.

We got back to the stairs and the boys positioned themselves for me to easily scoop them up. Once inside we all immediately noticed how Eric had generously prepared the dog food and coffee, so I unlatched them and our morning was off to a great start.


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