Wet Food

When Eric got home this morning Ed and Eddy were just as excited as ever. I had slept in a bit and was just preparing to take them out as Eric’s whistle came ringing in through the bedroom window. The boys love it when two people take them out because they get their own leashes and thus a bit more freedom. As I’ve mentioned before, Eric can run with them and it’s doggy heaven. We try to both go out with them a few times a week but usually it is only one or the other, it is really cute though how they can pick up on the signs of who will be taking them out. They get so excited and start jumping, sometimes we even have to sit on the ground with them and pet them until they calm down.

Today in addition to their deluxe walk Eric had picked up two cans of Tru Pal dog food from the store. We don’t usually give them wet food, in fact we had only done it once or twice before this and it had been from much smaller containers that was the same brand as their healthy dry food. Just like humans, dogs enjoy that junk food once in a while though and it made Eric and I smile to see their excitement.
We decided to have them split one can today since it was for a large size dog anyway but it still seemed like quite a lot for them. They both gobbled it right up though, licking their bowls clean even. Next time I treat them to some of this wet food their getting 1/4th a can and maybe a bit of dry food each because although I don’t mind letting my dogs over indulge as a special treat every once in a while I do think it’s much better for them overall not to eat all of their dog food at once. I’ve read that similar to goldfish, dachshunds will consume as much food as you’ll allow them. They’re known for gaining too much weight and then needing surgery to fix their long bowed spinal cords. We of course would like to avoid this entirely so we are careful to keep track of the snacks and table scraps and amounts of dog food we give them daily. We make sure that they get some running time in every day too. Often times we have ourselves a nice long game of fetch in the hallway, which as I’ve said before I’m sure my downstairs neighbors adore.
Their is another pair of weenies we’ve seen at our local dog park though whose bellies drag on the ground. They’re ridiculously cute but again, we want to avoid this. It’s hard to get our lazy pups to exert a whole lot of energy, so if in-door fetch and wrestling are the two activities they’ll do then I say so be it.


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