A Deeper Sense of Fulfillment

This morning the walk with my dogs was a truly great one. It’s sunny and all the damn heat has come back, in fact I was reading and article about winter weather predictions for this year and it sounds like it’s not going to snow. I think of this as a bummer, growing up in southern California snow still amazes me. Last winter was fairly mild but the two proceeding winters had hella snow! It was my idea of heaven.

But regardless of heat, this morning was amazing. You see last night I fell asleep with them alone on the couch, Eric was actually home but his sleep is all messed up thanks to his work schedule so he stayed up playing video games. Thinking that he would probably wake me up when he went to bed I allowed myself to fall asleep on the couch, and the dogs with me. I guess it did pretty much go as planned except that Eric didn’t go to sleep until 7 am. So as the sun made it’s way up, the four of us slunk into bed. I don’t know about Eric but Ed, Eddy, and I never fully woke up for the transition, we were just like a bunch of zombies heading in the same direction but in no way conscious.

We only slept about three more hours, me and the dogs, before they woke me up licking me. Since the bedroom door was open I figured both their kitchen and bedroom water bowls must be empty, so I lethargically rolled out of bed. Ed and Eddy both of course started to jump up at me excitedly as they do every time they suspect a walk might be in their future.
First I filled both water bowls, then I got myself looking somewhat more presentable, checked around the apartment for poops and/or bite marks but found none and we were off!

I do love that Eddy feels more free and comfortable in his new harness, but all the same having two pully dogs is getting obnoxious. I heard that one method we can use to train them is to walk them with muzzle type harnesses. At first I thought this sounded extremely mean. The way it works is it tugs down on their snouts a bit whenever they try to pull, thus teaching them not to pull. Once the pulling is put to an end we would obviously switch them back to regular harnesses. Seeing Eddy’s behavioral change when we switched him to his new softer and better fitting harness makes me want to seriously consider this type of walk training. Next time we’re in Salem perhaps we’ll stop at PetSmart.
All and all though, as I was saying, it was a lovely morning and the dogs were fantastic. It might sound silly to admit but Ed and Eddy fill me with such a sense of purpose that you would not believe, and when I see them happy and well behaved that’s my reward for putting so much into them.

When the walk was done, everyone had done their business. They put their front paws up so that I could grab onto them easily and up we went with no wiggling or barking. I gave them some dry food once inside and now they are sleeping in the sunlight coming through the back door, letting the sun regenerate them as they do.


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