The Fall View

This is the wonderful grey view from out back.


And this is our gorgeous grey autumn walk.

11999871_10156068978635268_1906025608_n 12000016_10156068978755268_712277232_n 12000076_10156068976900268_2070533538_n 12016603_10156068978455268_2048423377_n 12023110_10156068976220268_17588322_n 12025344_10156068977220268_1608841409_n 12026534_10156068976620268_485633141_n 12026675_10156068978075268_253936225_n 12029060_10156068977090268_672213552_n 12029222_10156068975710268_478979952_n 12030711_10156068977470268_238377036_n 12032349_10156068978250268_962609164_n 12033259_10156068978900268_182999949_n 12033370_10156068975955268_1546745465_n


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