One Of Those Mornings

Today was one of those mornings when things don’t turn out quite as you had hoped.

12041909_10156072983775268_1190723904_n (Eddy)

Me and the dogs were fine at first, I made them wait a bit longer than they would have liked because I was hoping that we could do a two person walk and let them each use their own leash when Eric got home. Also since they’ve been so much better as of late I do not usually barricade them in the bedroom with me anymore so they were free to go wherever. There were no bathroom accidents or evidence of destruction but when Eric got home at around 8:30 am they went crazy with excitement! As soon as they heard his whistles come near and his key ring jingle they bolted, I figured Eric would want to sit down and play with them anyway so I didn’t bother to try and catch them.

Today though my sweet fiance had brought me home a much coveted pumpkin spice latte from Dutch Bros. When the dogs got to him and jumped all over he lost his balance a bit and my latte fell. Luckily he was quick and only about a third of it was lost. Also being the sweetie that he is he cleaned it all up, but it was still quite the pain in the ass first thing in the morning and I’m sure not the way he envisioned his homecoming.

So I finally got up too. I gave the dogs their food right away so that Eric and I could sit down for a quick breakfast, figuring he’d want to go to sleep asap. He had worked about eleven and a half hours instead of the usual ten. When we finished up my once again sweet fiance offered to come with us though so that he could run Ed. Don’t get me wrong, the dogs in no way deserved a reward but they did have a lot of wiggles to get out if we were to avoid any more accidents.

Once out Ed was pulling like crazy though, and Eddy although smaller and lighter was trying to rival him. At one point as I stepped off the curb I got thrown off balance and took a big and equally embarrassing spill. It wasn’t too bad, I scraped my knee and hand but was able to bounce right back up. The worst part, for me, was that this all went down in front of a lifted truck waiting to turn so I’m sure he saw the whole thing.

When we finally got back home we got up the stairs easily enough, each of us grabbed a dog of course and settled in without indecent. Eric went to bed understandably, pretty much immediately so I figured that since I was in a bad mood already at this point it was as good a time as any to wash the little stinkers.
They were heavily resistant, running all around and what not. I finally managed to nab them though and shut us all inside the bathroom; baby shampoo, one over-sized towel, the giant plastic cup and all. The bath itself all got done with pretty quickly but it was the drying as usual that was tricky. I used the same technique as last time, leaving Ed in while the water drained so I could dry Eddy off fully. It worked for the most part on account of Ed’s bad hip keeping him put, but as soon as it was his turn to come out all hell broke loose! I managed to get him mostly dry but they were both just bursting with energy. As soon as the door was open they ran all about crashing and rubbing up on everything and just plain making a ton of noise. Once again, I just hope the people down stairs don’t hate us. At least the fur boys smell good now though. They also calmed back down so they could jump in bed with Eric. I love my sweet little dogs but MAN-O-MAN sometimes they are such a handful!

12041672_10156072984160268_965702363_n (Ed)


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