A while back I wrote two separate exposes on Ed and Eddy. While I’ve explained many of the small changes they both have experienced since then, I feel like Eddy deserves a closer look. Not so much my simple Ed, he’s still just as loyal and anxious to please as ever. He’s also still totally obsessed with me, which I admittedly love.

Eddy, who has progressed from the nick-name of Piss Wiggle to Gooby, is almost a completely different dog now. He hardly ever fear pees anymore, only late at night, and he’s done with the excitement pee all together. He does however live up to his new title of Gooby. Yes, it’s the brand of his new and better fitting harness so he wears it like a name tag and it’s perfect.

As I’ve mentioned before, he has become louder and more of a trouble maker in his new found comfort which is adorable. I find the two brothers alone wrestling often. Eddy is sure to let us know of his needs now but he still hides from us whenever he has misbehaved. He’s alright with the box still but his new safe zone is under the kitchen table. For some reason he is convinced that us giant humans have no way to get him there. As long as it makes him happy, we’re glad to play along.


Eddy is still very much Eric’s dog. He likes to jump up and snuggle between his legs every morning, and sit in his lap gazing lovingly into his eyes every chance he gets. It’s super cute. When Eric is at work though or even just running around with Ed (Eddy can’t keep up with the physical stuff) he has become way more comfortable with me. Sometimes he’ll even jump into my lap for pats, but this has a tendency of pissing Ed off and the next thing you know the two of them are wrestling. With waggily tails I should add.

They are still such sweet cuddly brothers but at the same time have grown vastly more independent. They often enjoy alone time in separate parts of the apartment. I did try to walk them separately again not too long ago and they wanted no part of it. Eddy especially kept crying and looking for his brother everywhere.

Eddy has gotten a lot better in the eating department although he is still the pickiest dog I have ever met. He’s so funny, he picks up like three or four pieces of dogs food at a time, carries them over to the entry mat and eats them there. It takes him forever to eat a whole bowl. A lot of it has to do, I’ve realized, with his tiny weak jaw. This also might add to why he is so easily intimidated. While he no longer pees at the very sight of a big tall man he will roll onto his back and submit to anyone taller than him, which is most everyone. And like I’ve said before he has recently started barking at any living thing that displeases him. Predominantly old people and babies.
You might be tempted to believe that he is the kinder and gentler of the two because of his fragility¬†but then you would also be mistaken. He takes out his built up anger on anything smaller; which is mainly limited to rats, field mice, and some cats. This is surprising since Luvible told us they would be good around other pets. He might very well be fine with them off leash, he is with other dogs. The only times other bigger dogs are a problem is when my boys get overly jumpy, and we’ve only encountered one small neighbor dog that he doesn’t get along with.

In addition Eric and I have been trying to teach the both of them tricks. They are both having an equally difficult time grasping most anything but yesterday I may have changed that. I was looking up dachshund videos on youtube and I found one on teaching them to “shoo” by pushing your empty palm in their direction and saying the phrase shoo. Apparently mine aren’t the only dachshunds who love to get up in their humans’ faces all the time for kisses and attention. I tried it with them a few times and while they don’t obey me as gracefully as the dog in the video, they do understand what they are being commanded. It has worked so far for keeping them out of the bathroom with me and for eating on the couch. I’m sure my little Gooby isn’t done changing and settling into his new life style with us yet but he sure has come a long way.


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