The above is a picture of Seymour, my only house plant. I was actually originally given an outdoor plant as a house-warming gift months ago but I killed it pretty quickly. It wasn’t like a visious or premeditated murder or anything, I just have the polar opposite of a green thumb. I either under or over water them, give them too much light or too little, and it just never works out.

Seymour here though is a plant I can manage pretty well, since she’s a cactus I only need to water her once a week. Monday is Seymour’s day.
A friend of mine gave me Seymour too knowing of my ineptitude with gardening, she was also sure to give me plenty of gardening advice to help with Seymour’s survival. For example it’s important to rotate Seymour every so often as she tends to grow towards the sun light glimmering through the window. Additionally it’s a good idea to talk to your plants, especially indoor plants in order to give them a direct hit of oxygen. So I do that now, it’s a great and calming way to start and end the day. I talk to my dogs too of course and I feel like we all get a little something out of it, they get attention and I get to hear my thoughts in order to process them or write them all out.

In time I would like to get another plant or so for the deck, perhaps when the spring comes back around I’ll start some flowers or I’d love to try and grow some berries.


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