Three Walk a Day Dogs

As you may remember, Ed and Eddy were three walk a day dogs when we first brought them home, before they knew not to poo and pee all over the apartment. I did eventually train them to be two walk a day dogs. Still though every once in a while they need that third walk. The night walk, and to be perfectly real with you I love the night walks anyway. They are so much more peaceful than day walks, and especially on sunny warm days the night walk is very refreshing.

I think both me and my fur boys get the most out of our walks to the river in the morning though all the same. Those walks are much longer and full of various plants and winding trails and general excitement. We cross paths with ducks and squirrels and wild life. It feels like my own bit of wilderness, which for a city girl is always exciting.

The construction crews are still working out there although it’s mostly paved at this point, but still there are absolutely no lights. So walking that way after dark is unfortunately out of the question and if we go out there at dusk when there’s barely enough light remaining to see, mosquitoes will eat me up. So we just wonder through the grassy neighborhood areas instead. It’s less scenic but especially since the property construction is all but done up here it is nice. There are three or four dog poop-scoop stations and the convenience is mind-blowing. My favorite aspect of the night time dog walk is the calm. For the most part no other people are out, not on week nights anyway, and it allows for plenty of reflection. Plus the lack of other dogs is relaxing for us all.

Also in the dark both Ed and Eddy are much more calm than otherwise. No pulling or spazing. It’s a curious thing, at home too they like to sleep completely submerged in blankets so I guess they find the dark peaceful as well. It’s very sweet to see. The boys are always sure to keep an eye on each other, so as not to get lost in the dark. I don’t think Luvable let them out at night for safety reasons, and I’m sure neither the pound or the puppy mill did either so it’s a new scene for them. As it is for us. I’m really glad I get to experience all these firsts along with Eric, Ed and Eddy. It bonds our little family even more.


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