Our First Substantial Rain

Today we woke up to the loud pounding of rain outside but Ed and Eddy were still jumping all over me, ready to go. I kept on my leggings that I had slept in, threw on my mini mouse pull over, and covered my hair with a Pikachu beanie. The beanie also has two poke balls that dangle down from it and the dogs went crazy for them. They kept jumping on me trying to catch them. It was really cute.
Once we got outside though the boys did their business on the lawn right by the steps and then wanted to come back home immediately. They did not appreciate the down pour at all which was fine by me. I didn’t much feel like getting drenched by cold rain water first thing in the morning.

Once back home I looked through the dog food options. When Eric came home from work the other day he brought some canned Purina Alpo beef bits and these little one portion sized Purina Moist and Meaty baggies. I tried giving them each a baggie yesterday and they loved it but I think it gave them some tummy trouble, so today I gave them each some of the last of their regular dry food mixed with a small portion of this new better looking name brand canned food. They both seemed to enjoy it quite a bit so we’ll see how their tummies treat them today. So far so good!


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