Fall Term

It’s a weird feeling for me, not going back to school today. I mean I technically received my diploma in March 2015, so I’ve not been going for six months, and even when I was enrolled I went part time and took plenty of terms off every now and again but being totally done is a weird sensation.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy about it, including all my off time it was a seven year venture. Eric is only a sophomore this year and he’s doing the part-time thing too, it just makes having a job and a life so much easier. Makes the actual classes a lot more enjoyable too I feel. Anyway though it seems like I’ll be living with one foot in the college life for quite a bit longer.

After the dog walk this morning I made a pot of coffee for Eric and I before wishing him well on his first day. Ed and Eddy both knew something was up since Eric was awake so much earlier than usual and wearing his cap. It’s sweet, they recognize that his cap means he’ll be leaving soon. He wrestled around with them quite a while before leaving.

We finally got the dogs a bag of dry food too, they were out of the regular stuff and have been eating just the wet food, which although they love isn’t the best. So we got some Rachel Ray brand dog food, gourmet I think. They liked it okay but seemingly no more than the usual dry food. I mixed some of the meaty bites in with it and it seemed to be a hit.


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