Highly Cultured Woofs

12077052_10156132949715268_125239374_n (Eddy, Ed, and Zeke in the van)

This weekend my family loaded into the van for the three hour trip to Ashland. The dogs did very well, sleeping most of the way. Ashland is the home of the year-round Shakespeare festival, although many other performances are done there too. My little brother had been in a school performance of Guys and Dolls three years ago and so the two of us went with our parents to watch it done by a professional acting company. Guys and Dolls has been going for a few months now and getting great reviews. My fiance, Eric, also came with us of course but he was more than happy to stay back at the hotel with all three fur balls; Ed, Eddy, and Zeke. Across from the pet friendly hotel is a big dog park and a nice home style diner, so we had a very nice weekend all around. The sun was out and the dogs were happy to be included.

Ed and Eddy were excited to get home all the same which pleases me greatly. Even after six months with them here I worry that apartment living isn’t the best for dogs. They love the sun so much, they lay out on the deck or in front of the windows gazing into the fields and while they seem to recognize that their quality of life has gone way up (they spent their first three years at puppy mills and pounds) I long for the day we can give them a yard. They clearly do know that Riverplace is home though, and they are glad to be back to their toys and their bed.


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