Change Is All Around Us


This is something I often think about, it is a major glitch in humanity. We don’t like change, even if it is clearly good for us. Especially when we’ve grown comfortable it is difficult to except needed change but we sure do like to complain about it anyway. For example, it has become clear in the political realm that pretty much the entire system needs a complete overhaul. Of course the elite class doesn’t want it because they already have everything, and even those that have nearly nothing are being controlled by the fear of having even less. This is the reason nothing changes.

Take an analogy, a young woman is skipping along happy as can be. She is leaving a home that she loves and yet has outgrown. The sun is out, breeze is flowing, she’s dressed to impress, and braids bouncing when she comes to a split in the road. This split was unexpected and so she has no idea of which way she should go. She stops and considers it, weighing all the pros and cons that she can conceive of. One side is more hilly, one more level. One side is more shaded, one more scenic. Then she considers more personal things like what she is wearing and how much water she brought with her, but in the end the decision is hers to make. So let’s say she decides to take the path less traveled, it looks more shaded plus it has a river and foliage to provide more options if things go bad. After say an hour of walking though it is natural that she is concerned she chose the wrong path. If she had continued straight it may have been shorter and she might have crossed ways with people who knew where it ended. It had less shade which might have made her burn but it also might have kept her warmer until the sun went down. So in this way she suffers but if she had continued straight she would have the same doubts. Even if she would have stayed put at home she would suffer wondering what if. The truth is that the grass is always greener on the other side, the unknown still has hope when the path you have chosen may seem bleak. It is important though if only for your own well-being to carry on. No matter where the path leads her, whether to a fruitful field or a barren desert she will never truly know if she made the right choice. She has no way of knowing what different variables the other path would have had and what’s more it doesn’t ultimately matter.

Life is always hard, without some suffering it is impossible to see the beauty it brings. The only way to truly rid your heart of suffering is to keep moving along your chosen path and embrace the change.


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