Black and Fuzzy

Today I came across a post online about how black furry critters are in desperate need of shelter during the month of October; dogs, cats, rabbits, and whatever else. It’s probably not why you think though. Sure the weather is getting colder and all animals need a safe haven but also black animals are often feared, harmed, and even tortured this month.

Why the hell anyone would harm an animal, just for funzies, is completely beyond me. I’ve had both a black cat (I named her Black Cow) and a black dog (Nelly) in my childhood and both were awesome, strong-willed, and loving. Just look into any of these creatures eyes and all there is is trust and admiration. For the most part, the vile habit of animal torture has to do with superstition. I didn’t include it in my Oman post but I found in my research that it is common practice to ridicule strays there. For cultural reasons they believe these hairy animals to be both dirty and/or haunted, but another element of the problem is the overwhelming amount of starving stray animals in the area. Sickly undomesticated animals often spread disease and reek havoc which only heightens the superstition.Β It honestly breaks my heart even to think about it, and yet animal torture is a very real issue even in modern countries like our own.

So perhaps as we’re all enjoying this holiday season a few of us will consider taking in an animal in need. Picking up a stray and taking it in to get shelter, food, and of course all of it’s shots (and other medical care if it’s needed) is a great way of reaching out to the community. Many city’s have humane society outreach centers or any one of the many other animal shelters too, and they are always accepting helpful volunteers and/or charitable donations to help brighten the lives of animals without a home.



3 thoughts on “Black and Fuzzy

  1. So glad I came across this! Thank you for posting. Happy to know that there are others out there who see the disgrace in harming God’s creatures. Yes Oman has a huge feral cat problem, which I am aware of as myself and family are currently looking after around twelve! Oh and I adore black cats! πŸ™‚


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