Not Every Loner is Lonely

Loners get a bad rap, and they always have but especially due to media these past years it’s gotten worse. Loners must be anti-social and weird, why else would they be alone so much? And what’s more we are being fed that THIS is the problem. I disagree with this though. Just because someone is alone doesn’t mean they are lonely. Just because someone would rather spend an evening in with their own thoughts than gossiping among a gaggle of people does not mean they are bad. After years of leaving a person on the outside that person often learns how to be alone, and then as a society we blame that person for their solitude. It isn’t right.

Another thing about the loner stereotypes, and I hope it’s not too soon, is that loners often get lumped together as being school shooter types. I think that that too is completely unfair. Not every loner has a vendetta against their community, not every weirdo is a death crazed lunatic- in fact I’d venture to say that most are not. Our country’s inability to keep firearms (legally obtained or not) out of the hands of literal psychopaths is embarrassing and our politicians way of missing the point entirely is ridiculous.
The point of being alone is to distance ones self from those that judge, label, or oppress them. By staying away from the people and situations that cause stress it is easier for an anxious person to be happy on their own, and that’s okay. We as a society need to let that be okay. Many people find out this truth through their time in college, but obviously not all do. What I specifically have learned is that there is no need to escalate problems by creating drama where it doesn’t exist. If you haven’t noticed by now, every person is unique. Every person deals with their uniqueness differently. Differences are fine, if people didn’t differ so much we couldn’t live the way we do today. Our entertainment fields are vast and growing, and we’re happier because of it. Some people create art, others technology, and still some people enjoy the service industry. Others even dabble in theoretical sciences that allow for us to do all we do. Whatever we do is fine, in fact it’s great. I think the greatest issue we face is that as a collective group we focus so much on individual importance that we forget that none of it ultimately matters.
Find what you love, do what you love, and close yourself off from unappreciative factors. I believe that if we can all just open ourselves to have a bit more empathy there will be a lot less hate in this world, and that absence of hate ought only bring more peace. Start small and it will grow.



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