Getting My Groove Back

I made the decision over the weekend that I can’t let myself fall back into the cloud that is self pitty. Especially not when there is so much I need to do. I’ve been saying I need to start working out again so I can slim down and tone up for my wedding. I also need to start teaching myself to cook and play the piano again, as well as tune up my crafty skills, so that I can be a better wife. My house cleaning habits have improved substantially since moving here but that isn’t enough. Now is the time to stop planning/wishing and time to start doing.
Today after taking my doggy boys for a walk I made myself a strawberry mango Shakeology and went to the Riverplace gym. It’s incredible how much better I feel already! Starting the day out right really does make all the difference. The trick is to get things done early on and keep busy enough that there is no time for negative thoughts. No time for haters with their negative opinions either. Of course it’s easier said than done but it’s worth a try. Here goes nothing!



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