Graphic Novels

As a writer it should be no surprise that I’ve always loved to read, I love a good story to get lost in. I guess that’s why I get so into television and movies too, but still reading a book or a play or even a poem is just so much more relaxing to me.
Back in high school me and some friends had started up a book club. It was fun, we all became very close and learned about different writing styles. We read a lot…a few of my favorites were Bridge to Teribithia, Life of Pie, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, and Maus. Now Maus, unlike the rest, is a graphic novels so it does take a bit of a different mind set to approach reading it. Maus is a short series about the holocaust, which I admit is always hard for me. I’m a very emotional person in the first place and so World War Two books and movies are always hard for me to get through, specifically knowing that my own family did suffer during this time period. I do enjoy the horror genre quite a bit but all the same real life horror is completely different for me. It’s not just a story or an idea anymore, it is real and when you read it also becomes personal. When it is done well though it does captivate audiences. I believe Maus is wonderfully done and that all comics and graphic novels do a great job of incorporating people’s imaginations into an often larger story.
Recently though I’ve gotten into The Walking Dead, which in addition to being a story about zombies is also a great tale of human nature and endurance. I’m enjoying them quite a lot thus far. One thing I have noticed about the graphic format though is that it can be easier to follow then a dense word-only novel while still being a lot more detailed than the television show. Ever since my accident I’ve been an exceptionally slow reader. My comprehension is still just fine (that was always my highest score in CORE testing) and I enjoy reading just as much as always, but I have come to realize that graphic novels are perfect for those times when sitting down with a big dense book sounds too tiring. I think it is a great way for a wider audience to get a chance to enjoy the written word.


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