Everyone Is Growing Apathetic


This quote by Philip Arnold is something I struggle with every day of my life and this morning was no different. Today it was time yet again to bath Ed and Eddy, and again the struggle was real. Bath time has become such a time consuming, soaking wet headache that I admit once I got use to the dog smell that now encapsulates my home I just started putting it off as long as possible. Last night some friends came over to watch scary movies and I hadn’t yet washed them, once I realized that I’d waited too long I felt pretty bad about it because washing the dogs before company comes over is something I have always done. If my dogs are going to insist upon being unmanageable and greeting everyone with jumps and kisses they should at least smell good doing it. So this morning, right after their walk and breakfast, it was finally bath time. They were both amazingly willing to go along with it all too. Eddy even jumped in the tub for me. This could be a sign that they are getting used to their apartment dog lifestyle but the cynic in me says that all it means is that I waited far too long.

In addition to over-thinking about my dogs and how I ought to best care for them, I also dwell on negative thoughts I have about my reputation or money or politics or even just humanity in general as far as how it affects my future. It’s exhausting, it truly is. I know that for the most part I cannot control any of it but it still sucks, and I also know that many others can relate to this struggle. It gets so damn loud sometimes that you can only find just barely enough energy to tune it all out. Pretty soon your using all that energy you once used to actually DO things in order to keep yourself from dwelling on negative emotions.

It seems to me that this is where apathy comes into play, once we no longer have the energy to tune it out we just stop caring. Apathy is a Latin rooted noun that means the absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. According to my own reasoning we choose to suppress the things we are truly passionate about once we start to see how deeply shitty the world is, and mainly also once we realize that we’re wasting our passion trying to fix it.

Here’s the thing about that, even though I do believe that there comes a point in life where apathy is inevitable it is still important that we never quit functioning entirely. Don’t be so afraid of the evil all around us that you stop listening and thinking. Keep an ear out. Don’t enclose yourself within your mind to the point that you get trapped there but don’t simply abandon it either. At some point one of our apathetic companions might grow weary and decide that it’s time to get excited about life again. It is our responsibility to know when we ought to join them.


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